More News – 2022

More News 2022 – authors in alphabetical order
[Focus on fish systematic, phylogeny, synonymy and genetics]


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  • Agostinho, L.S., Loeb, M.V. & Di Dario, D. (2022): Redescription of Anchoviella cayennensis (Puyo, 1945) (Clupeiformes: Engraulidae), with the synonymization of Anchoviella sanfranciscana Barbosa, Gomes da Silva, da Rocha Araújo & Carvalho 2017 and remarks on Anchoviella perfasciata (Poey, 1860).
  • Al Jufaili, S.M., Esmaeili, H.R., Sayyadzadeh, G., Masoumi, A.H. & Larson, H.K. (2022): Redescription of the goby Glossogobius tenuiformis Fowler, 1934 (Teleostei: Gobiidae) and assignment of Oman Glossogobius populations: a morpho-molecular approach.

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  • Balanov, A.A., Epur, I.V., Shelekhov, V.A. & Turanov, S.V. (2022): The first description of larvae and comments on the taxonomy of Stichaeus ochriamkini Taranetz, 1935 (Perciformes: Stichaeidae).
  • Bellodi, A., Benvenuto, A., Melis, R., Mulas, A., Barone, M., Barría, C., Cariani, A., Carugati, L., Chatzispyrou, A., Desrochers, M., Ferrari, A., Guallart, J., Hemida, F., Mancusi, C., Mazzoldi, C., Ramírez-Amaro, S., Rey, J., Scannella, D., Serena, F., Tinti, F., Vella, A., Follesa, M.C. & Cannas, R. (2022): Call me by my name: unravelling the taxonomy of the gulper shark genus Centrophorus in the Mediterranean Sea through an integrated taxonomic approach.
  • Briñoccoli, Y.F., Bogan, S., Arcila, D., Rosso, J.J., Mabragaña, E., Delpiani, S.M., Díaz de Astarloa, J.M. & Cardoso, Y.P. (2022): Molecular and morphological evidence revalidates Acrobrycon tarijae (Characiformes, Characidae) and shows hidden diversity.
  • Bunholi, I.V., Silva Ferrette, B.L., Domingues, R.R., Rotundo, M.M., Cuevas, J.M., García, M., Gómez, S., Freitas, R.H.A., Oliveira, C., Foresti, F. & Mendonça, F.F. (2022): Multilocus phylogeography of the endemic and endangered angular angelshark (Squatina guggenheim) in the Southwest Atlantic Ocean.

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  • Cabezas, M.P., Lasso-Alcalá, O.M., Quintero-T, E., Xavier, R., Giarrizzo, T., Nunes, J.L.S., Machado, F.S., Gómez, J., Pedroza, W.S. & Jowers, M.J. (2022): Clarifying the taxonomy of some cryptic blennies (Blenniidae) in their native and introduced range.
  • Caputo Barucchi, V., Marconi, M., Splendiani, A., Casari, S., Girardi, M. & Gandolfi, A. (2022): Mitochondrial DNA suggests uniqueness of an isolated population of the Italian minnow (Phoxinus lumaireul Schinz, 1840) (Teleostei: Cyprinidae) in central Apennines (Italy).
  • Chen, W., Huber, N., Li, Y., Xiang, D., Cai, X., Zhu, S., Yang, J., Zhou, C., Li, X. & Li, J. (2022): Large scale DNA barcoding of the subfamily Culterinae (Cypriniformes: Xenocyprididae) in East Asia unveils geographic scale effect, taxonomic warnings and cryptic diversity.
  • Costa, T.L.A., Petean, F.F., Berbel-Filho, W.M., Solé-Cava, A.M., Mendes, L.F. & Lima, S.M.Q. (2022): Molecular testing of the São Francisco River as an ecological filter for the Brazilian large-eyed stingray Hypanus marianae (Dasyatidae, Myliobatiformes).
  • Costa, W.J.E.M., Mattos, J.L.O., Lopes, S., Amorim, P.F. & Katz, A.M. (in press): Integrative Taxonomy, Distribution and Ontogenetic Colouration Change in Neotropical Mountain Catfishes of the Trichomycterus nigroauratus Group (Siluriformes: Trichomycteridae).
  • Cucalón, R.V., Valdiviezo-Rivera, J., Jiménez-Prado, J., Navarrete-Amaya, R., Shervette, V.R., Torres-Noboa, A., Wierzal, N., Karpan, K.C., Borders, T., Calle, P., Lujan, N.K. & Aguirre, W.E. (2022): Phylogeography of the Chocó Endemic Rainbow Characin (Teleostei: Rhoadsia).

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  • Decru, E., Vranken, N., Maetens, H., De Vry, A.M., Kayenbergh, A., Snoeks, J. & van Steenberge, M. (in press): DNA barcoding the Lake Edward basin: high taxonomic coverage of a tropical freshwater ichthyofauna.
  • Deon, G.A., Glugoski, L., Hatanaka, T., Sassi, F.M.C., Nogaroto, V., Bertollo, L.A.C., Liehr, T., Al-Rikabi, A., Filho, O.M., Cioffi, M.B. & Vicari, M.R. (2022): Evolutionary breakpoint regions and chromosomal remodeling in Harttia (Siluriformes: Loricariidae) species diversification.
  • Domínguez-Castanedo, O., Valdez-Carbajal, S., Muñoz-Campos, T.M., Huber, J.H. & Reichard, M. (2022): Protogynous functional hermaphroditism in the North American annual killifsh, Millerichthys robustus.
  • Dvořák, T., Šlechtová, V. & Bohlen, J. (2022): Using Species Groups to Approach the Large and Taxonomically Unresolved Freshwater Fish Family Nemacheilidae (Teleostei: Cypriniformes).

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  • Echreshavi, S., Esmaeili, H.R. & Al Jufaili, S.M. (2022): Goatfishes of the world: An updated list of taxonomy, distribution and conservation status (Teleostei: Mullidae).

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  • Ferreira, D.G., Carlsson, J., Galindo, B.A., Frantine-Silva, W., Apolinário-Silva, C., Meschini, J.S., Zanatta, A.S., Almeida, F.S. & Sofia, S.H. (in press): The role of free-flowing tributary rivers in the maintenance of genetic diversity of a migratory fish species living in a river fragmented by dams.
  • Ferreira, P.H.N., Souza, F.H.S., Moraes, R.L., Perez, M.F., Sassi, F.M.C., Viana, P.F., Feldberg, E., Ezaz, T., Liehr, T., Bertollo, L.A.C. & Cioffi, M.B. (2022): The Genetic Differentiation of Pyrrhulina (Teleostei, Characiformes) Species is Likely Influenced by Both Geographical Distribution and Chromosomal Rearrangements.
  • Frable, B.W., Melo, B.F., Fontenelle, J.P., Oliveira, C. & Sidlauskas, B.L. 2022. Biogeographic reconstruction of the migratory Neotropical fish family Prochilodontidae (Teleostei: Characiformes).
  • Freyhof, J., Kaya, C. & Geiger, M.F. (2022): A practical approach to revise the Oxynoemacheilus bergianus species group (Teleostei: Nemacheilidae).
  • Fujiwara, K., Conway, K.W., Summers, A.P. & Motomura, H. (2022): Rediagnosis of the monotypic genus Lepadicyathus Prokofiev 2005 (Gobiesocidae: Diademichthyinae) and redescription of Lepadicyathus minor (Briggs 1955), new combination.

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  • Gholamhosseini, A., Razbanian, M., Esmaeili, H.R. & Eagderi, S. (2022): Molecular systematics and morphological variation in the Mesopotamian spiny eel Mastacembelus mastacembelus (Teleostei: Mastacembelidae).
  • Girard, M.G., Davis, M.P., Baldwin, C.C., Dettaï, A., Martin, R.P. & Smith, W.L. (2022): Molecular phylogeny of the threadfin fishes (Polynemidae) using ultraconserved elements.
  • Girard, M.G., Davis, M.P., Tan, H.H., Wedd, D.J., Chakrabarty, P., Ludt, W.B., Summers, A.P. & Smith, W.L. (2022): Phylogenetics of archerfishes (Toxotidae) and evolution of the toxotid shooting apparatus.
  • Gu, Q., Wang, S., Zhong, H., Yuan, H., Yang, J., Yang, C., Huang, X., Xu, X., Wang, Y., Wei, Z., Wang, J. & Liu, S. (2022): Phylogeographic relationships and the evolutionary history of the Carassius auratus complex with a newly born homodiploid raw fish (2nNCRC).
  • Guimarães, K.L.A., Lima, M.P., Santana, D.J., Souza, M.F.B., Barbosa, R.S. & Rodrigues, L.R.R. (2022): DNA barcoding and phylogeography of the Hoplias malabaricus species complex.

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  • Hart, P.B., Arnold, R.J., Alda, F., Kenaley, C.P., Pietsch, T.W., Hutchinson, D. & Chakrabarty, P. (2022): Evolutionary Relationships Of Anglerfishes (Lophiiformes) Reconstructed Using Ultraconserved Elements.
  • Hasan, M.E., Ratmuangkhwang, S. & Durand, J.-D. (2022): Range extension of Pomadasys andamanensis McKay and Satapoomin 1994 (Perciformes: Haemulidae) to Bangladesh, the north-eastern Bay of Bengal with the indication of a cryptic sibling species from Bali, Indonesia.
  • Ho, H.-C., Tang, C.-N. & Chunag, H.-C. (2022): Redescription of Parapercis moki Ho and Johnson, 2013 (family Pinguipedidae), with its first fresh coloration information.
  • Hoagstrom, C.W. & Echelle, A.A. (2022): Biogeography of the Macrhybopsis aestivalis complex (Teleostei: Cyprinidae): emphasis on speciation and ancient heterospecific mitochondrial transfer.
  • Hoshino, K., Kosaka, K., Sawada, K. & Kiyota, M. (2022): Identification of the Commercially Important Oreosomatid Fish (Zeiformes: Teleostei) of the Emperor Seamounts, with Comments on Diagnostic Characters of the Species.

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  • Jamaluddin, J.A.F., Lavoué, S., Alshari, N.F.M.A.H., Ghazali, S.Z., Ahmad, A., Tan, A., Leng, C.L. & Nor, S.A.M. (2022): Reassessing fish diversity of Penang Island’s freshwaters (northwest Peninsular Malaysia) through a molecular approach raises questions on its conservation status.
  • Jeon, H.-B., Song, H.Y., Suk, H.Y. & Bang, I.-C. (2022): Phylogeography of the Korean endemic Coreoleuciscus (Cypriniformes: Gobionidae): the genetic evidence of colonization through Eurasian continent to the Korean Peninsula during Late Plio-Pleistocene.
  • Jose, A., Sukumaran, S., Mukundan, L.P., Raj, N., Mary, S., Nisha, K. & Gopalakrishnan, A. (2022): Comparative mitogenomics and phylogenetics of the family Carangidae with special emphasis on the mitogenome of the Indian Scad Decapterus russelli.

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  • Kaga, T., Iwamoto, T. & Mishra, S.S. (2022): Redescription of Ateleopus indicus Alcock 1891, (Teleostei: Ateleopodiformes: Ateleopodidae), and its reassignment to the genus Parateleopus.
  • Kanu, U.C., Liang, C., Nwafor, C.C., Shen, J. & Zhang, E (2022): Phylogenetic Analyses of Cyprinid Species from the Rokel River Basin of Sierra Leone, West Africa: Taxonomic, Biogeographic, and Conservation Implications.
  • Kim, D., Taylor, A.T. & Near, T.J. (2022): Phylogenomics and species delimitation of the economically important Black Basses (Micropterus).

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  • Lea, R.N., Fraser, T.H., Baldwin, C.C. & Craig, M.T. (2022): Five Valid Species of Cardinalfishes of the Genus Apogon (Apogonidae) in the Eastern Pacific Ocean, with a Redescription of A. atricaudus and Notes on the Distribution of A. atricaudus and A. atradorsatus.
  • Li, W., Qiu, N. & Du, H. 2022. Complete mitochondrial genome of Rhodeus cyanorostris (Teleostei, Cyprinidae): characterization and phylogenetic analysis.
  • Li, X., Sun, Z., Tang, W. & Zhao, Y. (2022): Revalidation and redescription of Sarcocheilichthys sciistius (Abbott, 1901) (Cypriniformes: Cyprinidae) from the northern China.
  • Limeira, D.M., Santos, M.H., Mateus, R.P., Ruas, C.F., Almeida, M.C., Filho, O.M. & Artoni, R.F. (2022): Molecular data reveal a complex population genetic structure for Psalidodon scabripinnis (Teleostei: Characidae) in the Atlantic Rainforest, Brazil.

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  • Mar-Silva, A.F., Arroyave, J. & Díaz-Jaimes, P. (2022): The complete mitochondrial genome of the Mexican-endemic cavefish Ophisternon infernale (Synbranchiformes, Synbranchidae): insights on patterns of selection and implications for synbranchiform phylogenetics.
  • Marceniuk, A.P., Oliveira, C., Sales, J.B.L. & Betancur-R, R. (2022): The marine catfishes of the genus Bagre (Siluriformes; Ariidae) from the Western Atlantic.
  • Matsunuma, M., Chungthanawong, S.  & Motomura, H. (2022): Taxonomic status of two nominal species of Tetraroge (Perciformes: Tetrarogidae): Tetraroge albifrons Duncker and Mohr 1929 and Tetraroge bellona De Vis 1884.
  • Medeiros, L.S., Ferreira-Araújo, T., Lazzarotto, H. & Lima, S.M.Q. (2022): Type locality, distribution and conservation of the threatened catfish Taunayia bifasciata (Eigenmann & Norris 1900) (Siluriformes: Heptapteridae) in the Atlantic Forest streams of Southeastern Brazil.
  • Mendes, I.S., Melo, B.F., Damasceno, J.S., Teixeira, D.F. & Carvalho, D.C. (2022): Phylogeography of Hypomasticus copelandii (Teleostei, Anostomidae) Reveals Distinct Genetic Lineages along Atlantic Coastal Drainages of Eastern Brazil.

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  • Oliveira-Farias, K.K.C., Farias, R.S., Neto, M.A.S., Souza, M.E., Calado, L.L., Montes,  M.A., Lima, A.P.S., Martinez, P. &  Coimbra, M.R.M. (2022): Genetic structure and management of the Neotropical migratory fish Megaleporinus obtusidens on a highly impacted river basin.
  • Osinov, A.G., Volkov, A.A. & Pavlov, D.A. (2022): Secondary contact, hybridization, and diversification in Arctic charr (Salvelinus alpinus (L.) species complex) from lakes of the Norilo-Pyasinskaya water system, Taimyr: how many forms exist there?
  • Ouassal, K., Doadrio, I., Perea, S., Casal-López, M., Yahyaoui, A. & Jaziri, H. (2022): Mitochondrial genetic diversity, phylogeography and historical demography of Moroccan native freshwater fishes: a case study of the genus Luciobarbus Heckel, 1843.

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  • Paula, G.B.N., Gavazzoni, M., Zawadzki, C.H., Fernandes, C.A., Portela-Castro, A.L.B., Lui, R.L. & Margarido, V.P. (2022): Identification of cryptic species in allopatric populations of Hypostomus tietensis (Siluriformes: Loricariidae) through cytogenetics analyses.
  • Petrosino, G., Tancioni, L., Turani, M., Rakaj , A., Ciuffardi, L. & Rossi, A.R. (2022): Phylogeography of Sarmarutilus rubilio (Cypriniformes: Leuciscidae): Complex Genetic Structure, Clues to a New Cryptic Species and Further Insights into Roaches Phylogeny.
  • Piller, K.R., Parker, E., Lemmon, A.R. & Lemmon, E.M. (2022): Investigating the utility of Anchored Hybrid Enrichment data to investigate the relationships among the Killifishes (Actinopterygii: Cyprinodontiformes), a globally distributed group of fishes.
  • Popoola, M.O., Schedel, F.D.B., Hebert, P.D.N. & Schliewen, U.K. (2022): First DNA barcode library for the ichthyofauna of the Jos Plateau (Nigeria) with comments on potential undescribed fish species.
  • Prokofiev, A.M. (2022): О ДВУХ МАЛОИЗУЧЕННЫХ ВИДАХ УГРЕВИДНЫХ ЛИКОДОВ (Lycenchelys, Zoarcidae). [On two poorly studied species of eelpouds (Lycenchelys, Zoarcidae)].
  • Prokofiev, A.M. & Orlov, A.M. (2022): Eustomias securicula sp. nov. – the second representative of the subgenus Biradiostomias (Melanostomiidae) in the Pacific Ocean.
    • Puebla, O., Coulmance, F., Estapé, C.J., Estapé, A.M. & Robertson, D.R. (2022):A review of 263 years of taxonomic research on Hypoplectrus (Perciformes: Serranidae), with a redescription of Hypoplectrus affinis (Poey, 1861).

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  • Raghavan, R., Dahanukar, N., Anoop, V.K., Arjun, C.P. & Britz, R. (2022): Diversity and distribution of dragon snakeheads of the family Aenigmachannidae, and the identity of Aenigmachanna mahabali.
  • Riva-Rossi, C.R., Renaud, C.B., Neira, F.J., Baigún, C., Baker, C.F., Quiroga, P. & Potter, I. 2022. On the invalid resurrection of the lamprey genus Exomegas Gill, 1883.
  • Russell, B.C., Bogorodsky, S.V., Mal, A. O., Bineesh, K.K. & Alpermann, T.J. (2022): The taxonomic identity of the monocle bream Scolopsis vosmeri species complex (Perciformes: Nemipteridae), with comments on molecular phylogenetic relationships within the genus Scolopsis.

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  • Schedel, F.D.B., Chakona, A., Sidlauskas, B.L., Popoola, M.O., Wingi, N.U., Neumann, D., Vreven, E.J.W.M.N., & Schliewen, U.K. (2022): New phylogenetic insights into the African catfish families Mochokidae and Austroglanididae.
  • Segovia, N.I., González-Wevar, C.A., Naretto, J., Rosenfeld, S., Brickle, P., Hüne, M., Bernal, V., Haye, P.A. & Poulin, E. (2022): The right tool for the right question: contrasting biogeographic patterns in the notothenioid fish Harpagifer spp. along the Magellan Province.
  • Steppan, S.J., Meyer, A.A., Barrow, L.N., Alhajeri, B.H., Al-Zaidan, A.S.Y., Gignac, P.M. & Erickson, G.M. (2022): Phylogenetics And The Evolution Of Terrestriality In Mudskippers (Gobiidae: Oxudercinae).
  • Sun, C.-H., Huang, Q., Zeng, X.-S., Li, S., Zhang, X.-L., Zhang, Y.-N., Liao, J., Lu, C.-H., Han, B.-P. & Zhang, Q. (2022): Comparative analysis of the mitogenomes of two Corydoras (Siluriformes, Loricarioidei) with nine known Corydoras, and a phylogenetic analysis of Loricarioidei.
  • Sun, Z. & Zhao, Y. (2022): Revalidation and redescription of a gobionine species Microphysogobio bicolor (Nichols, 1930) (Teleostei: Cypriniformes) from the Yangtze River Basin, China.

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  • Takács, P., Bánó, B., Czeglédi, I., Erős, T., Ferincz, A., Gál, B., Bánó-Kern, B., Kovács, B., Nagy, A.A., Nyeste, K., Lente, V., Preiszner, B., Sipos, S., Staszny, A., Vitál, Z., Weiperth, A. & Csoma, E. (2022): The mixed phylogenetic origin of northern pike (Esox lucius Linnaeus 1758) populations in the Middle Danubian drainage.
  • Takács, P., Maasz, G., Zrínyi, Z., Boross, N., Vitál, Z., Sipos, D.I.K., Bánó, B., Staszny, A., Sály, P. & Kovács, B. (2022): Infirm effect of phylogeny on morphometric features in a cryptic Gobio species complex.
  • Tajbakhsh, F., Rajabi-Maham, H., Abdoli, A., Stepien, C.A. & Kiabi, B.H. (2022): DNA Sequence Support for Reclassification of the Endemic Southern Caspian Sea Deepwater Goby as Neogobius bathybius (Formerly Ponticola; Perciformes: Gobiidae) and Recent Population Expansion of a Continuous Population.
  • Tan, M.P., Sammogam, R., Nur, N.F.M., Yusoff, N.I.S.M., Jaafar, T.N.A.M., Nor, S.A.M., Sung, Y.Y., Danish-Daniel, M. & Megarajan, S. (2022): Genetic polymorphism and phylogenetic relationships of the brushtooth lizardfish (Saurida undosquamis) (Aulopiformes: Synodontidae) based on mitochondrial DNA markers.
  • Terlecki, G., Rodrigues, L.S., Kikuchi, E., Abbatepaulo, F.V., Bosenbecker, C., Freire, M.A., Cortinhas, M.C.S., Proietti, M.C. & Cardoso, L.G. (2022): Uncovering Lampris species (Actinopterygii, Lampridae) in the southwestern Atlantic Ocean: a molecular and morphometric approach.
  • Thacker, C.E., Shelley, J.J., McCraney, W.T., Adams, M., Hammer, M.P. & Unmack, P.J. (2022): Phylogeny, diversification, and biogeography of a hemiclonal hybrid system of native Australian freshwater fishes (Gobiiformes: Gobioidei: Eleotridae: Hypseleotris).
  • Thieme, P., Schnell, N.K., Parkinson, K. & Moritz, T. (2022): Morphological characters in light of new molecular phylogenies: the caudal-fin skeleton of Ovalentaria.
  • Torres-Hernández, E., Betancourt-Resendes, I., Solís-Guzmán, M.G., Robertson, D.R., Angulo, A., Martínez-Gómez, J.E., Espinoza, E. & Domínguez-Domínguez, O. (2022): Phylogeography and evolutionary history of the Panamic Clingfish Gobiesox adustus in the Tropical Eastern Pacific.

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  • Urban, S., Gerwin, J., Hulsey, C.D., Meyer, A. & Kratochwil, C.F. (2022): The repeated evolution of stripe patterns is correlated with body morphology in the adaptive radiations of East African cichlid fishes.

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  • Vilardo, P.J., Katz, A.M. & Costa, W.J.E.M. (2022): Phylogenetic position of Trichomycterus astromycterus (Siluriformes: Trichomycteridae), an enigmatic trichomycterid from eastern Brazil, inferred from molecular data.

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  • Wang, X., Tong, L., Deng, J., Li, L., Xiang, P., Xu, L., Luo, Z., Yang, K. & Song, Z. (2022): Insights into historical drainage evolution based on the phylogeography of Schizopygopsis malacanthus Herzenstein (Cypriniformes, Cyprinidae) across the upper and middle Yalong River drainage in the Hengduan Mountains region, southwest China.
  • Ward, S.J., McMahan, C.D., Khakurel, B., Wright, A.M. & Piller, K.R. (2022): Genomic data support the taxonomic validity of Middle American livebearers Poeciliopsis gracilis and Poeciliopsis pleurospilus (Cyprinodontiformes: Poeciliidae).
  • White, W.T., Guallart, J., Ebert, D.A., Naylor, G.J.P., Veríssimo, A., Cotton, C.F., Harris, M., Serena, F. & Iglésias, S.P. (2022): Revision of the genus Centrophorus (Squaliformes: Centrophoridae): Part 3 — Redescription of Centrophorus uyato (Rafinesque) with a discussion of its complicated nomenclatural history.
  • White, W.T., O’Neill, H.L., Cleeland, J. & Lamb, T.D. (2022): Further description of the Kerguelen sandpaper skate Bathyraja irrasa (Rajiformes: Arhynchobatidae) based on additional specimens including egg cases and embryos.

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  • Yamahira, K., Mokodongan, D.F., Konishi, M., Mandagi, I.F., Masengi, K.W.A., Lawelle,  S.A., Kusumi, J. & Inomata, N. (2022): Discovery of a genetically distinct lineage in medaka species within Lake Towuti in central Sulawesi.
  • Yi, M.-R., Hsu, K.-C., Gu, S., He, X.-B., Luo, Z.-S., Lin, H.-D. & Yan, Y.-R. (2022): Complete mitogenomes of four Trichiurus species: A taxonomic review of the T. lepturus species complex.

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  • Zheng, J., Zhao, L., Zhao, X., Gao, T. & Song, N. (2022): High Genetic Connectivity Inferred from Whole-Genome Resequencing Provides Insight into the Phylogeographic Pattern of Larimichthys polyactis.
  • Zhao, L., Wang, S., Qu, F., Liu, Z. & Gao, T. (2022): A genetic assessment of the population structure and demographic history of Odontamblyopus lacepedii (Perciformes, Amblyopinae) from the northwestern Pacific.