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[Focus on fish systematic, phylogeny, synonymy and genetics]



  • Abe, K., Mariguela, T., Avelino, G., Foresti, F. & Oliveira, C.E. (2014): Systematic and historical biogeography of the Bryconidae (Ostariophysi: Characiformes) suggesting a new rearrangement of its genera and an old origin of Mesoamerican ichthyofauna.
  • Ahmad, S.M., Bhat, F.A., Balkhi, M.-u.H. & Bhat, B.A. (2014): Mitochondrial DNA variability to explore the relationship complexity of Schizothoracine (Teleostei: Cyprinidae).
  • Alavi-Yeganeh, M.S., Keivany, Y., Seyfabadi, J., Kazemi, B. & Wallis, G.P. (2014): Taxonomic validity and phylogenetic relationships of a newly-described tooth-carp, Aphanius mesopotamicus Coad, 2009 (Teleostei: Cyprinodontidae).
  • Albertson, R.C., Powder, K.E., Hu, Y., Coyle, K.P., Roberts, R.B. & Parsons, K.J. (in press): Genetic basis of continuous variation in the levels and modular inheritance of pigmentation in cichlid fishes.
  • Ali, A., Katwate, U., Philip, S., Dhaneesh, K.V., Bijukumar, A., Raghavan, R. & Dahanukar, N. (2014): Horabagrus melanosoma: a junior synonym of Horabagrus brachysoma (Teleostei: Horabagridae).
  • Alves-Silva, A.P. & Dergam, J.A. (2014): Cryptic Speciation Within the Neotropical Cichlid Geophagus brasiliensis (Quoy & Gaimard, 1824) (Teleostei Cichlidae): A New Paradigm in Karyotypical and Molecular Evolution.
  • Amaoka, K. & Last, P.R. (2014): The Australian Sinistral Flounder Arnoglossus aspilos praeteritus (Actinopterygii: Pleuronectiformes: Bothidae) Reassigned as a Valid Species of Engyprosopon.
  • Arroyave, J., Denton, J.S.S. & Stiassny, M.L.J. (2014): Are characiform Fishes Gondwanan in Origin? Insights from a Time-Scaled Molecular Phylogeny of the Citharinoidei (Ostariophysi: Characiformes).

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  • Balushkin, A.V. (2014): Taxonomic status of goby-like notothens of the genus Gobionotothen Balushkin (Nototheniidae) from the Kerguelen Plateau (Southern Ocean) and Jordan’s Rule.
  • Barman, A.S., Singh, M., Singh, R.K., Sarkar, T. & Lal, K.K. (2014): Molecular identification and phylogeny of Channa species from Indo-Myanmar biodiversity hotspots using mitochondrial COI gene sequences.
  • Bassar, R.D., Auer, S.K. & Reznick, D.N. (2014): Why do placentas evolve? A test of the life-history facilitation hypothesis in two clades in the genus Poeciliopsis representing two independent origins of placentas.
  • Bineesh, K.K., Akhilesh, K.V., Abdussamad, E.M., Pillai, N.G.K., Thiel, R., Jena, J.K. & Gopalakrishnan, A. (2014): Redescriptions of Chelidoperca investigatoris (Alcock, 1890) and Chelidoperca occipitalis Kotthaus, 1973 (Perciformes: Serranidae) from the south-west coast of India.
  • Bineesh, K.K., Akhilesh, K.V., Gomon, M.F., Abdussamad, E.M., Pillai, N.G.K. & Gopalakrishnan, A. (2014): Redescription of Chlorophthalmus corniger, a senior synonym of Chlorophthalmus bicornis (Family: Chlorophthalmidae).
  • Borsa, P., Sembiring, A., Fauvelot, C. & Chen, W.-J. (2014): Resurrection of Indian Ocean humbug damselfish, Dascyllus abudafur (Forsskål) from synonymy with its Pacific Ocean sibling, Dascyllus aruanus (L.) / Résurrection de la demoiselle domino de l’océan Indien, Dascyllus abudafur (Forsskål), de la synonymie avec son espèce-jumelle de l’océan Pacifique, Dascyllus aruanus (L.).
  • Brawand, D., Wagner, C.E., Li, Y.I., Malinsky, M., Keller, I., Fan, S., Simakov, O., Ng, A.Y., Lim, Z.W., Bezault, E., Turner-Maier, J., Johnson, J., Alcazar, R., Noh, H.J., Russell, P., Aken, B., Alföldi, J., Amemiya, C., Azzouzi, N., Baroiller, J.-F., Barloy-Hubler, F., Berlin, A., Bloomquist, R., Carleton, K.L., Conte, M.A., D’Cotta, H., Eshel, O., Gaffney, L., Galibert, F., Gante, H.F., Gnerre, S., Greuter, L., Guyon, R., Haddad, N.S., Haerty, W., Harris, R.M., Hofmann, H.A., Hourlier, T., Hulata, G., Jaffe, D.B., Lara, M., Lee, A.P., MacCallum, I., Mwaiko, S., Nikaido, M., Nishihara, H., Ozouf-Costaz, C., Penman, D.J., Przybylski, D., Rakotomanga, M., Renn, S.C.P., Ribeiro, F.J., Ron, M., Salzburger, W., Sanchez-Pulido, L., Santos, M.E., Searle, S., Sharpe, T., Swofford, R., Tan, F.J., Williams, L., Young, S., Yin, S., Okada, N., Kocher, T.D., Miska, E.A., Lander, E.S., Venkatesh, B., Fernald, R.D., Meyer, A., Ponting, C.P., Streelman, J.T., Lindblad-Toh, K., Seehausen, O. & Di Palma, F. (2014): The genomic substrate for adaptive radiation in African cichlid fish.
  • Byrkjedal, I., Hadler-Jacobsen, S., Rees, D. & Orlov, A. (2014): Molecular and morphological variation in saddled fathead sculpins (Psychrolutidae: Cottunculus) of the north-east Atlantic Ocean, with a synonymy of three species.

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  • Carvalho, F.R., Jesus, G.C.d. & Langeani, F. (2014): Redescription of Hyphessobrycon flammeus Myers, 1924 (Ostariophysi: Characidae), a threatened species from Brazil.
  • Carvalho, F.R., Sarmento-Soares, L.M. & Martins-Pinheiro, R.F. (2014): Redescription of Moenkhausia doceana (Steindachner, 1877) (Ostariophysi: Characiformes): a characid from the Northeastern Mata Atlântica ecoregion, Brazil.
  • Castañeda-Rivera, M., Grijalva-Chon, J.M., Gutiérrez-Millán, L.E., Ruiz-Campos, G. & Varela-Romero, A. (2014): Analysis of the Ictalurus pricei complex (Teleostei: Ictaluridae) in northwest Mexico based on mitochondrial DNA.
  • Cheng, P., Yu, D., Liu, S.-Q., Tang, Q.-Y. & Liu, H.-Z. (2014): Molecular Phylogeny and Conservation Priorities of the Subfamily Acheilognathinae (Teleostei: Cyprinidae).
  • Cooper, W.J., Albertson, R.C., Jacob, R.E. & Westneat, M.W. (2014): Re-description and Reassignment of the Damselfish Abudefduf luridus (Cuvier, 1830) Using Both Traditional and Geometric Morphometric Approaches.
  • Costa, W.J.E.M. (2014): Phylogeny and evolutionary radiation in seasonal rachovine killifishes: biogeographical and taxonomical implications.
  • Cramer, C.A. (2014): Redescription of Panaqolus purusiensis (LaMonte, 1935) (Siluriformes: Loricariidae) with identification key to the species of the genus.

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  • Dai, Z.-Y., ZHANG, E, Jiang, Z.-G. & Wang, X. (2014): Re-description of the gudgeon species Saurogobio gracilicaudatus Yao & Yang in Luo, Yue & Chen, 1977 (Teleostei: Cyprinidae) from the Chang-Jiang basin, South China, with a note on its generic classification.
  • Datovo, A., de Pinna, M.C.C. & Johnson, G.D. (2014): The Infrabranchial Musculature and Its Bearing on the Phylogeny of Percomorph Fishes (Osteichthyes: Teleostei).
  • De La Cruz-Agüero, J., Vergara-Solana, F.J. & García-Rodríguez, F.J. (2014): Geometric morphometrics support the proposed molecular taxonomy for three Eucinostomus species (Perciformes: Gerreidae) along the coasts of Mexico.
  • de Oliveira, J.N., Gomes, G., Sena do Rêgo, P., Moreira, S., Sampaio, I., Schneider, H. & Araripe, J. (2014): Molecular data indicate the presence of a novel species of Centropomus (Centropomidae – Perciformes) in the Western Atlantic.
  • Delventhal, N.R. & Mooi, R.D. (2014): Callogobius liolepis Bleeker, a senior synonym of Gobiopsis aporia Lachner and McKinney (Teleostei: Gobiidae: Gobiopsis).
  • Delventhal, N.R. & Mooi, R.D. (2014): Redescription of Callogobius clarki (Goren) (Teleostei: Gobiidae), Not a Synonym of C. bifasciatus (Smith).
  • Domingos, T.J., Moraes, L.N., Moresco, R.M., Margarido, V.P. & Venere, P.C. (2014): Genetic and morphological diversity of Moenkhausia oligolepis (Characiformes: Characidae) populations in the tributaries of the Araguaia River, Brazil: implications for taxonomy and conservation.
  • DoNascimiento, C., Prada-Pedreros, S. & Guerrero-Kommritz, J. (2014): Trichomycterus venulosus (Steindachner, 1915), a junior synonym of Eremophilus mutisii Humboldt, 1805 (Siluriformes: Trichomycteridae) and not an extinct species.
  • Dorn, A., Musilová, Z., Platzer, M., Reichwald, K. & Cellerino, A. (2014): The strange case of East African annual fish: aridification correlates with diversification for a savannah aquatic group?
  • Dutra, G.M., Santana, C.D.d., Vari, R.P. & Wosiacki, W.B. (2014): The South American Electric Glass Knifefish Genus Distocyclus (Gymnotiformes: Sternopygidae): Redefinition and Revision.

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  • Echelle, A.A., Schwemm, M.R., Lang, N.J., Nagle, B.C., Simons, A.M., Unmack, P.J., Fisher, W.L. & Hoagstrom, C.W. (2014): Molecular Systematics and Historical Biogeography of the Nocomis biguttatus Species Group (Teleostei: Cyprinidae): Nuclear and Mitochondrial Introgression and a Cryptic Ozark Species.
  • Elmer, K.R., Fan, S., Kusche, H., Spreitzer, M.L., Kautt, A.F., Franchini, P. & Meyer, A. (2014): Parallel evolution of Nicaraguan crater lake cichlid fishes via non-parallel routes.
  • Endruweit, M. (2014): Taxonomical notes on selected freshwater fish species described from northern and central Vietnam (Cypriniformes: Balitoridae, Cobitidae, Cyprinidae, Nemacheilidae; Perciformes: Channidae, Osphronemidae; Synbranchiformes: Mastacembelidae).
  • Esmaeili, H.R., Teimori, A., Sayyadzadeh, G., Masoudi, M. & Reichenbacher, B. (2014): Phylogenetic relationships of the tooth-carp Aphanius (Teleostei: Cyprinodontidae) in the river systems of southern and south-western Iran based on mtDNA sequences.

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  • Gaither, M.R., Schultz, J.K., Bellwood, D.R., Pyle, R.L., DiBattista, J., Rocha, L.A. & Bowen, B.W. (2014): Evolution of pygmy angelfishes: Recent divergences, introgression, and the usefulness of color in taxonomy.
  • Garavello, J.C., Britski, H.A. & Birindelli, J.L.O. (2014): Redescription of Leporinus jamesi (Characiformes: Anostomidae), a poorly known species of Leporinus from the lowlands of the central Amazon, Brazil.
  • García, G., Ríos, N., Gutiérrez, V., Varela, J.G., Bouza Fernández, C., Pardo, B.G. & Portela, P.M. (2014): Promiscuous Speciation with Gene Flow in Silverside Fish Genus Odontesthes Atheriniformes, Atherinopsidae) from South Western Atlantic Ocean Basins.
  • Geerinckx, T. & De Kegel, B. (2014): Functional and evolutionary anatomy of the African suckermouth catfishes (Siluriformes: Mochokidae): convergent evolution in Afrotropical and Neotropical faunas.
  • Gill, A.C. (2014): Serranus magnificus Macleay 1882, a junior synonym of Epinephelus lanceolatus (Bloch 1790) (Teleostei: Serranidae).
  • Gratton, P., Allegrucci, G., Sbordoni, V. & Gandolfi, A. (2014): The evolutionary jigsaw puzzle of the surviving trout (Salmo trutta L. complex) diversity in the Italian region. A multilocus Bayesian approach.
  • Guan, S., Liu, H., Zheng, Y., Yu, D., Nie, A. & Liu, M. (2014): Inference of Phylogenetics and Evolution of Epinephelus septemfasciatus and 48 Other Species of Epinephelus Genus using Mitochondrial CO1 Fragment Sequences.

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  • Herdegen, M., Alexander, H.J., Babik, W., Mavárez, J., Breden, F. & Radwan, J. (2014): Population structure of guppies in north-eastern Venezuela, the area of putative incipient speciation.
  • Hibino, Y., Okada, M., Moteki, M. & Kimura, S. (2014): Redescription of the Shortfin Pomfret, Brama pauciradiata, Based on Japanese Specimens (Actinopterygii: Perciformes: Bramidae).
  • Ho, H.-C. (2014): Redescription of Parapercis okamurai Kamohara, 1960 (Perciformes: Pinguipedidae), based on specimens newly collected from Taiwan and Japan.
  • Ho, H.-C., Bineesh, K.K. & Akhilesh, K.V. (2014): Rediscovery of Lophiodes triradiatus (Lloyd, 1909), a senior synonym of L. infrabrunneus Smith and Radcliffe (Lophiiformes: Lophiidae).

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  • Ivanyisky, S.J.III & Albert, J.S. (2014): Systematics and biogeography of Sternarchellini (Gymnotiformes: Apteronotidae): Diversification of electric fishes in large Amazonian rivers.

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  • Jacobsen, M.W., Pujolar, J.M., Bernatchez, L., Munch, K., Jian, J., Niu, Y. & Hansen, M.M. (in press): Genomic footprints of speciation in Atlantic eels (Anguilla anguilla and A. rostrata).

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  • Katwate, U., Baby, F., Raghavan, R. & Dahanukar, N. (2014): The identity of Pethia punctata, a senior synonym of P. muvattupuzhaensis (Teleostei: Cyprinidae).
  • Katz, A.M. & Barbosa, M.A. (2014): Re-description of Trichomycterus cubataonis Bizeril, 1994 (Siluriformes: Trichomycteridae) from the Cubatão river basin, southern Brazil.
  • Kawai, T. (2014): Satyrichthys kikingeri Pogoreutz, Vitecek & Ahnelt, 2013, a junior synonym of Satyrichthys laticeps (Schlegel, 1852) (Actinopterygii: Teleostei: Peristediidae).
  • Kawamura, K., Ueda, T., Arai, R. & Smith, C. (2014): Phylogenetic Relationships of Bitterling Fishes (Teleostei: Cypriniformes: Acheilognathinae), Inferred from Mitochondrial Cytochrome b Sequences.
  • Knapp, L.W. & Imamura, H. (2014): Grammoplites vittatus (Valenciennes), (Scorpaeniformes, Platycephalidae), removed from synonymy with Grammoplites scaber (Linnaeus).
  • Knight, M.J.D., Rai, A. & D’Souza, R.K.P. (2014): A further note on the identity of Barbus mussullah Sykes (Teleostei: Cyprinidae).
  • Koerber, S. & Azpelicueta, M.d.l.M. (2014): Correction of the spelling of Trichomycterus eichhorniarum Miranda Ribeiro, 1912 (Siluriformes: Trichomycteridae).
  • Kotlyar, A.N. (2014): Revision of the genus Melamphaes (Melamphaidae): 1. Oligo-Raker species M. laeviceps, M. spinifer, and M. eulepis.
  • Kowasupat, C., Panijpan, B., Laosinchai, P., Ruenwongsa, P., Phongdara, A., Wanna, W., Senapin, S. & Phiwsaiya, K. (2014): Biodiversity of the Betta smaragdina (Teleostei: Perciformes) in the northeast region of Thailand as determined by mitochondrial COI and nuclear ITS1 gene sequences.
  • Kraczkowski, M.L. & Chernoff, B. (2014): Molecular Phylogenetics of the Eastern and Western Blacknose Dace, Rhinichthys atratulus and R. obtusus (Teleostei: Cyprinidae).

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  • Lavoué, S., Nakayama, K., Jerry, D.R., Yamanoue, Y., Yagishita, N., Suzuki, N., Nishida, M. & Miya, M. (2014): Mitogenomic phylogeny of the Percichthyidae and Centrarchiformes (Percomorphaceae): comparison with recent nuclear gene-based studies and simultaneous analysis.
  • Loeb, M.V. & Figueiredo, J.L.d. (2014): Redescription of the freshwater anchovy Anchoviella vaillanti (Steindachner, 1908) (Clupeiformes: Engraulidae) with notes on the distribution of estuarine congeners in the Rio São Francisco basin, Brazil.

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  • Mattox, G.M.T., Bifi, A.G. & Oyakawa, O.T. (2014): Taxonomic study of Hoplias microlepis (Günther, 1864), a trans-Andean species of trahiras (Ostariophysi: Characiformes: Erythrinidae).
  • Maxime, E.L. & Albert, J.S. (2014): Redescription of the Tuvirão, Gymnotus inaequilabiatus Valenciennes, 1839, Using High-Resolution X-ray Computed Tomography.
  • McCosker, J.E & Ho, H.-C. (2014): Redescription of the Sharp-fanged snake eel Brachysomophis longipinnis (Anguilliformes: Ophichthidae) from Taiwan.
    • Platax, 11: 95-101.
  • McMahan, C.D., Matamoros, W.A., Barraza, E., Kutz, J. & Chakrabarty, P. (2014): Taxonomic Status of the Lago Coatepeque Endemic Convict Cichlid Amatitlania coatepeque (Teleostei: Cichlidae).
  • Mirimin, L., Kerwath, S.E., Macey, M.B., Bester-van der Merwe, B., Lamberth, S.J., Bloomer, P. & Roodt-Wilding, R. (2014): Identification of naturally occurring hybrids between two overexploited sciaenid species along the South African coast.
  • Muñoz-Ramírez, C.P., Unmack, P.J., Habit, E., Johnson, J.B., Cussac, V.E. & Victoriano, P. (2014): Phylogeography of the ancient catfish family Diplomystidae: biogeographic, systematic, and conservation implications.

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  • Nazarkin, M.V., Shinohara, G. & Shirai, S.M. (2014): Phylogeny and taxonomy of Petroschmidtia teraoi (Katayama, 1943) (Osteichthyes: Perciformes: Zoarcidae).

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  • Panijpan, B., Kowasupat, C., Laosinchai, P., Ruenwongsa, P., Phongdara, A., Senapin, S., Wanna, W., Phiwsaiya, K., Kühne, J. & Fasquel, F. (2014): Southeast Asian mouth-brooding Betta fighting fish (Teleostei: Perciformes) species and their phylogenetic relationships based on mitochondrial COI and nuclear ITS1 DNA sequences and analyses.
  • Paśko, Ł., Kusznierz, J., Maślak, R., Tagayev, D., Sergiel, A., Pietras-Lebioda, A. & Borczyk, B. (2014): Morphometric Exploration of Diversity of the Eurasian Minnow Phoxinus phoxinus: A Case Study of a Widely Distributed Palaearctic Fish.
  • Pethiyagoda, R., Maduwage, K. & Manamendra-Arachchi, K. (2014): Validation of the South Asian cichlid genus Pseudetroplus Bleeker (Pisces: Cichlidae).
  • [overlooked in 2013]Plamoottil, M. & Abraham, N.P. (2013): Rediscovery of Pristolepis malabarica after one and half century.
    • Journal of Advanced Zoology, 34 (1): 28-35.
  • Ponce de León, J.L., León, G., Rodríguez, R., Metcalfe, C.J., Hernández, D., Casane, D. & García-Machado, E. (2014): Phylogeography of Cuban Rivulus: evidence for allopatric speciation and secondary dispersal across a marine barrier.
  • Poortvliet, M., Olsen, J.L., Croll, D.A., Bernardi, G., Newton, K., Kollias, S., O’Sullivan, J., Fernando, D., Stevens, G., Magaña, F.G., Seret, B., Wintner, S. & Hoarau, G. (2014): A dated molecular phylogeny of manta and devil rays (Mobulidae) based on mitogenome and nuclear sequences.
  • Pucci, M. B., Barbosa, P., Nogaroto, V., Almeida, M. C., Artoni, R. F., Pansonato-Alves, J. C., Foresti, F., Moreira-Filho, O. & Vicari, M.R. (2014): Population differentiation and speciation in the genus Characidium (Characiformes: Crenuchidae): effects of reproductive and chromosomal barriers.

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  • Randall, J.E., Victor, B.C., Alpermann, T.J., Bogorodsky, S.V., Mal, A.O., Satapoomin, U. & Bineesh, K.K. (2014): Rebuttal to Koeda et al. (2014) on the Red Sea fishes of the perciform genus Pempheris.
  • Ratmuangkhwang, S., Musikasinthorn, P. & Kumazawa, Y. (2014): Molecular phylogeny and biogeography of air sac catfishes of the Heteropneustes fossilis species complex (Siluriformes: Heteropneustidae).
  • [update] Ravinet, M., Takeuchi, N., Kume, M., Mori, S. & Kitano, J. (2014): Comparative Analysis of Japanese Three-Spined Stickleback Clades Reveals the Pacific Ocean Lineage Has Adapted to Freshwater Environments while the Japan Sea Has Not.
  • Recknagel, H., Elmer, K.R. & Meyer, A. (2014): Crater lake habitat predicts morphological diversity in adaptive radiations of cichlid fishes.
  • Rocha, M.S. & Pavanelli, C.S. (2014): Taxonomy of Pimelodus brevis Marini, Nichols & La Monte, 1933 (Siluriformes: Pimelodidae), an uncertain species from the rio Paraná basin.
  • Roxo, F.F., Albert, J.S., Silva, G.S.C., Zawadzki, C.H., Foresti, F. & Oliveira, C. (2014): Molecular Phylogeny and Biogeographic History of the Armored Neotropical Catfish Subfamilies Hypoptopomatinae, Neoplecostominae and Otothyrinae (Siluriformes: Loricariidae).

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  • Santana, J.C.d.O., Calcagnotto, D. & Quagio-Grassiotto, I. (2014): Sperm evolution in the family Alestidae with comparative data for the genus Chalceus (Ostariophysi: Characiformes).
  • Santos, M.E., Braasch, I., Boileau, N., Meyer, B.S., Sauteur, L., Böhne, A., Belting, H.-G., Affolter, M. & Salzburger, W. (2014): The evolution of cichlid fish egg-spots is linked with a cis-regulatory change.
  • Saveliev, P.A., Balanov, A.A. & Kukhlevskii, A.D. (2014): On the colour types in Lycodes nakamurae (Tanaka, 1914) and species composition of the subgenus Furcimanus (Perciformes: Zoarcidae: Lycodes) in the Sea of Japan.
  • Schonhuth, S., Lozano-Vilano, L., Perdices, A., Espinosa, H. & Mayden, R.L. (2014): Phylogeny, genetic diversity and phylogeography of the genus Codoma (Teleostei, Cyprinidae).
  • Silva, M.d., Ribeiro, E.D., Matoso, D.A., Sousa, L.M., Hrbek, T., Rapp Py-Daniel, L. & Feldberg, E. (2014): Chromosomal polymorphism in two species of Hypancistrus (Siluriformes: Loricariidae): an integrative approach for understanding their biodiversity.
  • Silveira, R.B., Siccha-Ramirez, R., Silva, J.R.S. & Oliveira, C. (2014): Morphological and molecular evidence for the occurrence of three Hippocampus species (Teleostei: Syngnathidae) in Brazil.
  • Smith, T.A., Ciccotto, P.J., Mendelson, T.C. & Page, L.M. (2014): Dense Taxon Sampling Using AFLPs Leads to Greater Accuracy in Phylogeny Estimation and Classification of Darters (Percidae: Etheostomatinae).
  • Smith, W.L. & Busby, M.S. (2014): Phylogeny and Taxonomy of Sculpins, Sandfishes, and Snailfishes (Perciformes: Cottoidei) with Comments on the Phylogenetic Significance of their Early-Life-History Specializations.
  • Song, H.Y., Mabuchi, K., Satoh, T.B., Moore, J.A., Yamanoue, Y., Miya, M. & Nishida, M. (2014): Mitogenomic circumscription of a novel percomorph fish clade mainly comprising “Syngnathoidei” (Teleostei).
  • Sousa-Santos, C., Robalo, J.I., Francisco, S.M., Carrapato, C., Cardoso, A.C. & Doadrio, I. (2014): Metapopulations in temporary streams – the role of drought-flood cycles in promoting high genetic diversity in a critically endangered freshwater fish and its consequences for the future.
  • Steele, S.E. & López-Fernández, H. (2014): Body Size Diversity and Frequency Distributions of Neotropical Cichlid Fishes (Cichliformes: Cichlidae: Cichlinae).

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  • Takács, P., Bihari, P., Erős, T., Specziár, A., Szivák, I., Bíró, P. & Csoma, E. (2014): Genetic Heterogeneity Reveals On-Going Speciation and Cryptic Taxonomic Diversity of Stream-Dwelling Gudgeons (Teleostei, Cyprinidae) in the Middle Danubian Hydrosystem (Hungary).
  • Tanaka, C., Shirotori, F., Sato, M., Ishikawa, M., Shinoda, A., Aoyama, J. & Yoshinaga, T. (2014): Genetic identification method for two subspecies of the Indonesian short-finned eel, Anguilla bicolor, using an allelic discrimination technique.
  • Tashiro, S. & Motomura, H. (2014): The Validity of Helcogramma ishigakiensis (Aoyagi, 1954) and a Synopsis of Species of Helcogramma from the Ryukyu Islands, Southern Japan (Perciformes: Tripterygiidae).
  • Thompson, A.W., Betancur-R., R., López-Fernández, H. & Ortí, G. (in press): A time-calibrated, multi-locus phylogeny of piranhas and pacus (Characiformes: Serrasalmidae) and a comparison of species tree methods.
  • Tyers, A.M., Bavin, D., Cooke, G.M., Griggs, C. & Turner, G.F . (2014): Peripheral Isolate Speciation of a Lake Malawi Cichlid Fish from Shallow Muddy Habitats.

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