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More News 2015 – authors in alphabetical order
[Focus on fish systematic, phylogeny, synonymy and genetics]


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  • Aguilar-Medrano, R., Reyes-Bonilla, H. & Polly, P.D. (2015): Adaptive radiation of damselfishes (Perciformes, Pomacentridae) in the eastern Pacific.
  • Anderson, W.D.Jr., Chesalin, M.V., Jawad, L.A. & Al Shajibi, S.R. (2015): Redescription of the percoid fish Symphysanodon andersoni Kotthaus (Symphysanodontidae) from the northwestern Indian Ocean, based on the holotype and the second known specimen.
  • Angiulli, E., Sola, L., Ardizzone, G., Fassatoui, G. & Rossi, A.R. (2015): Phylogeography of the common pandora Pagellus erythrinus in the central Mediterranean Sea: sympatric mitochondrial lineages and genetic homogeneity.
  • Austin, C.M., Tan, M.H., Croft, L.J., Hammer, M.P. & Gan, H.M. (2015): Whole genome sequencing of the Asian arowana (Scleropages formosus) provides insights into the evolution of ray-finned fishes.

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  • Batuwita, S., Maduwage, K. & Sudasinghe, H. (2015): Redescription of Pethia melanomaculata (Teleostei: Cyprinidae) from Sri Lanka.
  • Bineesh, K.K., Mohitha, C., Vineesh, N., Basheer, V.S., Joselet, M., Akhilesh, K.V., Jena, J.K. & Gopalakrishnan, A. (2015): Molecular identification of three deepsea fish species of the genus Chelidoperca (Perciformes: Serranidae) from Indian waters.
  • Bossu, C.M. & Near, T.J. (2015): Ecological constraint and the evolution of sexual dichromatism in darters.
  • Bruno, M.C., Casciotta, J.R., Almirón, A.E., Ricillo, F.L. & Lizarrade, M.S. (2015): Quaternary refugia and secondary contact in the southern boundary of the Brazilian subregion: comparative phylogeography of freshwater fish.
  • Buonerba, L., Zaccara, S., Delmastro, G.B., Lorenzoni, M., Salzburger, W. & Gante, H.F. (2015): Intrinsic and extrinsic factors act at different spatial and temporal scales to shape population structure, distribution and speciation in Italian Barbus (Osteichthyes: Cyprinidae).

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  • Chou, C.-E., Liao, T.-Y., Chang, H.-W. & Chang, S.-K. (2015): Population structure of Hirundichthys oxycephalus in the northwestern Pacific inferred from mitochondrial cytochrome oxidase I gene.
  • Corona-Santiago, D.K., Doadrio, I. & Domínguez-Domínguez, O. (2015): Evolutionary History of the Live-Bearing Endemic Allotoca diazi Species Complex (Actinopterygii, Goodeinae): Evidence of Founder Effect Events in the Mexican Pre-Hispanic Period.
  • Costa, W.J.E.M. (2015): Phylogenetic position and tentative generic placement for Cyprinodon martae Steindachner, 1875 (Teleostei: Cyprinodontiformes), a killifish from northern Colombia.
  • Costa-Silva, G. J., Rodriguez, M. S., Roxo, F. F., Foresti, F. & Oliveira, C. (2015): Using Different Methods to Access the Difficult Task of Delimiting Species in a Complex Neotropical Hyperdiverse Group.
  • Coutinho-Sanches, N. & Dergam, J.A. (in press): Cytogenetic and Molecular Data Suggest Deuterodon pedri Eigenmann, 1907 (Teleostei: Characidae) Is a Member of an Ancient Coastal Group.
  • Covain, R., Fisch-Muller, S., Oliveira, C., Mol, J.H., Montoya-Burgos, J.I. & Dray, S. (2015): Molecular phylogeny of the highly diversified catfish subfamily Loricariinae (Siluriformes, Loricariidae) reveals incongruences with morphological classification.

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  • Da Silva, J.P.C.B. & De Carvalho, M.R. (2015): Systematics and morphology of Potamotrygon orbignyi (Castelnau, 1855) and allied forms (Chondrichthyes: Myliobatiformes: Potamotrygonidae).
  • de Barros, L.C., Santos, U., de Bello Cioffi, M. & Dergam, J.A. (2015): Evolutionary Divergence Among Oligosarcus spp. (Ostariophysi, Characidae) from the São Francisco and Doce River Basins: Oligosarcus solitarius Menezes, 1987 Shows the Highest Rates of Chromosomal Evolution in the Neotropical Region.
  • De La Cruz-Agüero, J. (2015): Authorship, Publication Dates and Prevailing Usage of Names for Some Species of the Genus Eucinostomus Baird et Girard, 1855 (Perciformes: Gerreidae).
  • Deli Antoni, M.Y., Delpiani, S.M., Stewart, A.L., González-Castro, M. & Díaz De Astarloa, J.M. (2015): Merluccius tasmanicus Matallanas & Lloris 2006 is a junior synonym of M. australis (Hutton 1872) (Gadiformes: Merluciidae) based on morphological and molecular data.
  • Denys, G.P.J., Geiger, M.F., Persat, H., Keith, P. & Dettai, A. (2015): Invalidity of Gasterosteus gymnurus (Cuvier, 1829) (Actinopterygii, Gasterosteidae) according to integrative taxonomy / Invalidité de Gasterosteus gymnurus (Cuvier, 1829) (Actinopterygii, Gasterosteidae) confirmée par la taxonomie intégrative.

  • DoNascimiento, C. (2015): Morphological Evidence for the Monophyly of the Subfamily of Parasitic Catfishes Stegophilinae (Siluriformes, Trichomycteridae) and Phylogenetic Diagnoses of Its Genera.
  • Donnellan, S.C., Foster, R., Junge, C., Huveneers, C., Rogers, P., Kilian, P. & Bertozzi, T. (2015): Fiddling with the proof: the Magpie Fiddler Ray is a colour pattern variant of the common Southern Fiddler Ray (Rhinobatidae: Trygonorrhina).
  • Dornburg, A., Eytan, R.I., Federman, S., Pennington, J.N., Stewart, A.L., Jones, C.D. & Near, T.J. (2015): Molecular data support the existence of two species of the Antarctic fish genus Cryodraco (Channichthyidae).
  • Dornburg, A., Friedman, M. & Near, T.J. (2015): Phylogenetic analysis of molecular and morphological data highlights uncertainty in the relationships of fossil and living species of Elopomorpha (Actinopterygii: Teleostei).
  • Durand, J.-D. & Borsa, P. (2015): Mitochondrial phylogeny of grey mullets (Acanthopterygii: Mugilidae) suggests high proportion of cryptic species / La phylogénie mitochondriale des mulets (Acanthopterygii: Mugilidae) suggère une forte proportion d’espèces cryptiques.

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  • Echelle, A.A., Schwemm, M.R., Lang, N.J., Baker, J.S., Wood, R.M., Near, T.J. & Fisher, W.L. (2015): Molecular Systematics of the Least Darter (Percidae: Etheostoma microperca): Historical Biogeography and Conservation Implications.
  • Egge, J.J.D., Nicholson, P.W. & Stark, A.W. (2015): Morphological and molecular variation in the least madtom Noturus hildebrandi (Siluriformes: Ictaluridae), a Mississippi Embayment endemic: evidence for a cryptic lineage in the Hatchie River.
  • Escobar-Camacho, D., Barriga, R. & Ron, S.R. (2015): Discovering Hidden Diversity of Characins (Teleostei: Characiformes) in Ecuador’s Yasuní National Park.
  • Escobar L., M.D., Andrade-López, J., Farias, I.P. & Hrbek, T. (2015): Delimiting Evolutionarily Significant Units of the Fish, Piaractus brachypomus (Characiformes: Serrasalmidae), from the Orinoco and Amazon River Basins with Insight on Routes of Historical Connectivity.
  • Esmaeili, H.R., Pirvar, Z., Ebrahimi, M. & Geiger, M.F. (2015): Karyological and molecular analysis of three endemic loaches (Actinopterygii: Cobitoidea) from Kor River basin, Iran.
    • Molecular Biology Research Communications, 4 (1): 1-13.
  • Eytan, R.I., Evans, B.R., Dornburg, A., Lemmon, A.R., Moriarty Lemmon, E., Wainwright, P.C. & Near, T.J. (2015): Are 100 enough? Inferring acanthomorph teleost phylogeny using Anchored Hybrid Enrichment.

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  • Fernandez-Silva, I., Randall, J.E., Coleman, R.R., DiBattista, J.D., Rocha, L.A., Reimer, J.D., Meyer, C.G. & Bowen, B.W. (2015): Yellow tails in the Red Sea: phylogeography of the Indo-Pacific goatfish Mulloidichthys flavolineatus reveals isolation in peripheral provinces and cryptic evolutionary lineages.
  • Ford, A.G.P., Dasmahapatra, K.K., Rüber, L., Gharbi, K., Cezard, T. & Day, J.J. (2015): High levels of interspecific gene flow in an endemic cichlid fish adaptive radiation from an extreme lake environment.

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  • Gaither, M.R., Bernal, M.A., Fernandez-Silva, I., Mwale, M., Jones, S.A., Rocha, C. & Rocha, L.A. (2015): Two deep evolutionary lineages in the circumtropical glasseye Heteropriacanthus cruentatus (Teleostei, Priacanthidae) with admixture in the south-western Indian Ocean.

  • Gilbert, P.S., Chang, J., Pan, C., Sobel, E., Sinsheimer, J.S., Faircloth, B. & Alfaro, M.E. (2015): Genome-wide ultraconserved elements exhibit higher phylogenetic informativeness than traditional gene markers in percomorph fishes.
  • Gold, J.R., Willis, S.C., Renshaw, M.A., Buentello, A., Walker Jr., H.J., Puritz, J.B., Hollenbeck, C.M. & Voelker, G. (2015): Phylogenetic relationships of tropical eastern Pacific snappers (Lutjanidae) inferred from mitochondrial DNA sequences.
    • González-Castro, M., Rosso, J.J., Mabragaña, E. & Díaz de Astarloa, J.M. (2015): Surfing among species, populations and morphotypes: Inferring boundaries between two species of new world silversides (Atherinopsidae).

    • Grace, M.A., Doosey, M.H., Bart, H.L. & Naylor, G.J.P. (2015): First record of Mollisquama sp. (Chondrichthyes: Squaliformes: Dalatiidae) from the Gulf of Mexico, with a morphological comparison to the holotype description of Mollisquama parini Dolganov.

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  • Hatano, M., Abe, T., Wada, T. & Munehara, H. (2015): Ontogenetic metamorphosis and extreme sexual dimorphism in lumpsuckers: Eumicrotremus asperrimus, Cyclopteropsis bergi and Cyclopteropsis lindbergi, may be synonymous.
  • Hernández, C.L., Ortega-Lara, A., Sánchez-Garcés, G.C. & Alford, M.H. (2015): Genetic and Morphometric Evidence for the Recognition of Several Recently Synonymized Species of Trans-Andean Rhamdia (Pisces: Siluriformes: Heptapteridae).

  • Ho, H.-C., Mccosker, J.E., Smith, D.G. & Shao, K-T. (2015): Introduction to the systematics and biodiversity of eels (orders Anguilliformes and Saccopharyngiformes) of Taiwan.

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  • Ishimori, H.O, Hidaka, K., Yamamuro, T. & Yoshino, T. (2015): Spratelloides atrofasciatus Schultz, 1943, a valid species of round herring (Clupeiformes: Clupeidae).

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  • Kaga, T., Van Oijen, M.J.P., Kubo, Y. & Kitagawa, E. (2015): Redescription of Ateleopus japonicus Bleeker 1853, a senior synonym of Ateleopus schlegelii van der Hoeven 1855, Ateleopus purpureus Tanaka 1915, and Ateleopus tanabensis Tanaka 1918 with designation of a lectotype for A. japonicus and A. schlegelii (Ateleopodiformes: Ateleopodidae).
  • Kai, Y., Stevenson, D.E., Ueda, Y., Hamatsu, T. & Nakabo, T. (2015): Molecular insights into geographic and morphological variation within the Eumicrotremus asperrimus species complex (Cottoidei: Cyclopteridae).
  • Katwate, U., Raghavan, R. & Dahanukar, N. (2015): The identity of Hamilton’s Ticto Barb, Pethia ticto (Teleostei: Cyprinidae).
  • Keskar, A., Kumkar, P., Katwate, U., Ali, A., Raghavan, R. & Dahanukar, N. (2015): Redescription of Nemachilichthys rueppelli, a senior synonym of N. shimogensis (Teleostei: Nemacheilidae).
  • Khaironizam. M.Z., Zakaria-Ismail, M. & Armbruster, J.W. (2015): Cyprinid fishes of the genus Neolissochilus in Peninsular Malaysia.
  • Kullander, S.O., Rahman, M.M., Norén, M. & Mollah, A.R. (2015): Why is Pseudosphromenus cupanus (Teleostei: Osphronemidae) reported from Bangladesh, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, and Pakistan?

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  • Lal, K.K., Gupta, B.K., Punia, P., Mohindra, V., Saini, V.P., Dwivedi, A.K., Singh, R.K., Dhawan, S., Luhariya, R.K., Basheer, V.S. & Jena, J.K. (2015): Revision of gonius subgroup of the Genus Labeo Cuvier, 1816 and confirmation of species status of Labeo rajasthanicus (Cypriniformes: Cyprinidae) with designation of a neotype.
  • Lange, T., Brehm, J. & Moritz, T. (2015): A practical key for the identification of large fish rostra.
  • Lee, P. & Sulaiman, Z. (2015): Genetic identification and structure of Clarias batrachus (Linnaeus, 1758) from Southeast Asia using a mitochondrial DNA marker.

  • Lo, P.-C., Liu, S.-H., Chao, N.L., Nunoo, F.K.E., Mok, H.-K. & Chen, W.J. (2015): A multi-gene dataset reveals a tropical New World origin and Early Miocene diversification of croakers (Perciformes: Sciaenidae).
  • Loeb, M.V. & Menezes, N.A. (2015): Taxonomic status of Engraulis nattereri Steindachner, 1880 (Osteichthyes: Clupeiformes: Engraulidae).
  • Lorscheider, C.A., Zawadzki, C.H., Vicari, M.R., Martins-Santos, I.C. & Artoni, R.F. (2015): Karyotypic diversity of the armoured catfish genus Hypostomus (Siluriformes: Loricariidae) in the context of its occurrence and distribution.
  • Lucinda, P.H.F. & da Graça, W.J. (2015): Description of males of Phallotorynus pankalos Lucinda, Rosa & Reis, 2005 and reappraisal of Phallotorynus species relationships (Teleostei: Cyprinodontiformes: Poeciliidae).

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  • Machado-Schiaffino, G., Kautt, A.F., Kusche, H. & Meyer, A. (2015): Parallel evolution in Ugandan crater lakes: repeated evolution of limnetic body shapes in haplochromine cichlid fish.
  • Maeda, K., Tran, Hau Duc & Tan, H.H. (2015): Discovery of a substantial continental population of the subfamily Sicydiinae (Gobioidei: Gobiidae) from Vietnam: Taxonomic revision of the genus Stiphodon from the western South China Sea.
  • Magalhaes, I.S., Ornelas-Garcıa, C.P., Leal-Cardin, M., Ramírez, T. & Barluenga, M. (2015): Untangling the evolutionary history of a highly polymorphic species: introgressive hybridization and high genetic structure in the desert cichlid fish Herichtys minckleyi.
  • Marinho, M.M.F., Camelieri, P. & Birindelli, J.L.O. (2015): Redescription of Astyanax guianensis Eigenmann 1909 (Characiformes: Characidae), a poorly known and widespread fish from the Amazon, Orinoco and Guiana Shield drainages.
  • Martin, C.H., Cutler, J.S., Friel, J.P., Dening, C.T., Coop, G. & Wainwright, P.C. (2015): Complex histories of repeated gene flow in Cameroon crater lake cichlids cast doubt on one of the clearest examples of sympatric speciation.
  • Martin, Z.P. & Page, L.M. (2015): Comparative Morphology and Evolution of Genital Papillae in a Genus of Darters (Percidae: Etheostoma).
  • Martinez, P.A., Zurano, J.P., Amado, T.F., Penone, C., Betancur-R, R., Bidau, C.J. & Jacobina, U.P. (2015): Chromosomal diversity in tropical reef fishes is related to body size and depth range.
  • Martínez-Guevara, A., García-Rodríguez, F.J. & De La Cruz-Agüero, J. (2015): DNA sequence data analysis supports the taxonomic status of Eucinostomus dowii within the genus (Perciformes: Gerreidae).
  • Martinez-Takeshita, N., Purcell, C.M., Chabot, C.L., Craig, M.T., Paterson, C.N., Hyde, J.R. & Allen, L.G. (2015): A Tale of Three Tails: Cryptic Speciation in a Globally Distributed Marine Fish of the Genus Seriola.
  • Mayden, R.L. & Allen, J.S. (2015): Phylogeography of Pteronotropis signipinnis, P. euryzonus, and the P. hypselopterus Complex (Teleostei: Cypriniformes), with Comments on Diversity and History of the Gulf and Atlantic Coastal Streams.
  • Mecklenburg, C.W. & Anderson, M.E. (2015): Reassessment of multiple species of Gymnelus (Teleostei: Zoarcidae) in Pacific Arctic and boreal regions.
  • Mejía, O., Pérez-Miranda, F., León-Romero, Y., Soto-Galera, E. & de Luna, E. (2015): Morphometric variation of the Herichthys bartoni (Bean, 1892) species group (Teleostei: Cichlidae): How many species comprise H. labridens (Pellegrin, 1903)?
  • Menezes, N.A., Zanata, A.M. & Camelier, P. (2015): Nematocharax costai Bragança, Barbosa & Mattos a junior synonym of Nematocharax venustus Weitzman, Menezes & Britski (Teleostei: Characiformes: Characidae).
  • Meyer, B.S., Indermaur, A., Ehrensperger, X., Egger, B., Banyankimbona, G., Snoeks, J. & Salzburger, W. (2015): Back to Tanganyika: a case of recent trans-species-flock dispersal in East African haplochromine cichlid fishes.
  • Mise, F.T., Souza, F.d., Pagotto, J.P.A. & Goulart, E. (2015): Intraspecific ecomorphological variations in Poecilia reticulata (Actinopterygii, Cyprinodontiformes): comparing populations of distinct environments.

  • Mossop, K.D., Adams, M., Unmack, P.J., Smith Date, K.L., Wong, B.B.M. & Chapple, D.G. (2015): Dispersal in the desert: ephemeral water drives connectivity and phylogeography of an arid-adapted fish.
  • Motomura, H., Causse, R., Béarez, P. & Mishra, S.S. (2015): Redescription of the Indo-West Pacific scorpionfish (Scorpaenidae), Neomerinthe erostris (Alcock 1896), a senior synonym of Scorpaena gibbifrons Fowler 1938, N. rotunda Chen 1981, and N. bathyperimensis Zajonz & Klausewitz 2002.
  • Mousavi-Sabet, H., Vatandoust, S., Jouladeh-Roudbar, A. & Eagderi, S. (2015): Taxonomic Status of the Genus Paraschistura (Teleostei: Nemacheilidae) in the Hari River Basin, with Re-validation of P. turcomana.
  • Musilová, Z., Říčan, O., Říčanová, Š., Janšta, P., Gahura, O. & Novák, J. (2015): Phylogeny and historical biogeography of trans-Andean cichlid fishes (Teleostei: Cichlidae).

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  • Nagelkerke, L.A.J., Leon-Kloosterziel, K.M., Megens, H.-J., De Graaf, M., Diekmann, O.E. & Sibbing, F.A. (2015): Shallow genetic divergence and species delineations in the endemic Labeobarbus species flock of Lake Tana, Ethiopia.

  • Nakayama, N. & Endo, H. (2015): Redescription of Nezumia infranudis (Gilbert & Hubbs, 1920), with the first record of the species from the Eastern Indian Ocean (Actinopterygii: Gadiformes: Macrouridae).
  • Ning, P., Sha, Z., Hebert, P.D.N. & Barry Russell, B. (2015): The taxonomic status of Japanese threadfin bream Nemipterus japonicus (Bloch, 1791) (Perciformes: Nemipteridae) with a redescription of this species from the south china sea based on morphology and DNA barcodes.

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  • Ochoa, L.E., Pereira, L.H.G., Costa-Silva, G.J., Roxo, F.F., Batista, J.S., Formiga, K., Foresti, F. & Oliveira, C. (2015): Genetic structure and historical diversification of catfish Brachyplatystoma platynemum (Siluriformes: Pimelodidae) in the Amazon basin with implications for its conservation.
  • Олейник, А.Г., Скурихина, Л.А. & Брыков, В.А. / Oleinik, A.G., Skurikhina, L.A. & Brykov, V.A. (2015): ФИЛОГЕНИЯ ГОЛЬЦОВ РОДА Salvelinus ПО ДАННЫМ АНАЛИЗА МИТОХОНДРИАЛЬНОЙ ДНК / Phylogeny of charrs of the genus Salvelinus based on mitochondrial DNA data.

  • Osinov, A.G., Senchukova, A.L., Mugue, N.S., Pavlov, S.D. & Chereshnev, I.A. (2015): Speciation and genetic divergence of three species of charr from ancient Lake El’gygytgyn (Chukotka) and their phylogenetic relationships with other representatives of the genus Salvelinus.
  • Ottoni, F.P. (2015): Evaluating the use of the anterior ceratohyal morphology to diagnose Laetacara Kullander, 1986, with comments on other cichlid genera (Cichlidae: Cichlasomatini).
  • Owens, H.L. (2015): Evolution of codfishes (Teleostei: Gadinae) in geographical and ecological space: evidence that physiological limits drove diversification of subarctic fishes.

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  • Page, L.M. & Tangjitjaroen, W. (2015): Aperioptus pictorius Richardson 1848 is a senior synonym of Acanthopsoides molobrion Siebert 1991, and Aperioptus is a senior synonym of Acanthopsoides Fowler 1934 (Cypriniformes: Cobitidae).
  • Panijpan, B., Laosinchai, P., Senapin, S., Kowasupat, C., Ruenwongsa, P., Kühne, J. & Phiwsaiya, K. (2015): Mitochondrial COI and nuclear RAG1 DNA sequences and analyses of specimens of the three morphologically established species in the genus Trichopsis (Perciformes: Osphronemidae) reveal new/cryptic species.
  • Pappalardo, A.M., Gonzalez, E.G., Tigano, C., Doadrio, I. & Ferrito, V. (2015): Comparative pattern of genetic structure in two Mediterranean killifishes Aphanius fasciatus and Aphanius iberus inferred from both mitochondrial and nuclear data.
  • Piller, K.R., Kenway-Lynch, C.S., Camak, D.T. & Domínguez-Domínguez, O. (2015): Phylogeography and Population Structure of the Imperiled Redtail Splitfin (Goodeidae: Xenotoca eiseni): Implications for Conservation.
  • Pohl, M., Milvertz, F.C., Meyer, A. & Vences, M. (2015): Multigene phylogeny of Cyprinodontiform fishes suggests continental radiations and a rogue taxon position of Pantanodon.
  • Prokofiev, A.M. & Schwarzhans, W. (2015): Range extension and re-description of Synagrops argyreus (Perciformes, Acropomatidae) / Extension de l’aire de répartition et re-description de Synagrops argyreus (Acropomatidae, Perciformes).

Q / top

  • Qi, D., Guo, S., Chao, Y., Kong, Q., Li, C., Xia, M., Xie, B. & Zhao, K. (2015): The biogeography and phylogeny of schizothoracine fishes (Schizopygopsis) in the Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau.

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  • Radchenko, O.A., Chereshnev†, I.A., Balanov, A.A. & Petrovskaya, A.V. (2015): Position of Krusensterniella Genus (Gymnelinae, Zoarcidae) in the System of Zoarcidae Fish Family according to Molecular Genetic Data.
  • Randall, Z.S. & Riggs, P.A. (2015): Revision of the hillstream lizard loaches, genus Balitoropsis (Cypriniformes: Balitoridae).
  • Renaud, C. & Naseka, A. (2015): Redescription of the Far Eastern brook lamprey Lethenteron reissneri (Dybowski, 1869) (Petromyzontidae).
  • Ribeiro, A.C. & Menezes, N.A. (2015): Phylogenetic relationships of the species and biogeography of the characid genus Oligosarcus Günther, 1864 (Ostariophysi, Characiformes, Characidae).
  • Roxo, F.F., Ochoa, L.E., Costa-Silva, G.J. & Oliveira, C. (2015): Species delimitation in Neoplecostomus (Siluriformes: Loricariidae) using morphologic and genetic approaches.

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  • Sayyadzadeh, G., Esmaeili, H.R., Abbasi, K. & Coad, B.W. (2015): Re-validation of Gonorhynchus adiscus and G. diplochilus (Teleostei: Cyprinidae) using morphological and molecular data.
  • Scharpf, C. (2015): The authorship of Neolissochilus soro (Cypriniformes: Cyprinidae): a correction to Khaironizam et al. (2015).
  • Silva, J.P.C.B.d., Vaz, D.F.B. & Carvalho, M.R.d. (2015): Systematic Implications of the Anterior Pectoral Basals in Squaliform Sharks (Chondrichthyes: Elasmobranchii).
  • Silva, J.V.d., Hallerman, E.M., Orfão, L.H. & Hilsdorf, A.W.S. (2015): Genetic structuring of Salminus hilarii Valenciennes, 1850 (Teleostei: Characiformes) in the rio Paraná basin as revealed by microsatellite and mitochondrial DNA markers.
  • Souche, E.L., Hellemans, B., Babbucci, M., MacAoidh, E., Guinand, B., Bargelloni, L., Chistiakov, D.A., Patarnello, T., Bonhomme, F., Martinsohn, J. T. & Volckaert, F.A.M. (2015): Range-wide population structure of European sea bass Dicentrarchus labrax.
  • Stevenson, D.E. (2015): The Validity of Nominal Species of Malacocottus (Teleostei: Cottiformes: Psychrolutidae) Known from the Eastern North Pacific with a Key to the Species.
  • Stierandová, S., Vukić, J., Vasil’eva, E.D., Zogaris, S., Shumka, S., Halačka, K., Vetešník, L., Švátora, M., Nowak, M., Stefanov, T., Koščo, J. & Mendel, J. (2015): A multilocus assessment of nuclear and mitochondrial sequence data elucidates phylogenetic relationships among European spirlins (Alburnoides, Cyprinidae).

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  • Tencatt, L.F.C. & Pavanelli, C.S. (2015): Redescription of Corydoras guapore Knaack, 1961 (Siluriformes: Callichthyidae), a midwater Corydoradinae species from the rio Guaporé basin.
  • Thacker, C.E., Satoh, T.P., Katayama, E., Harrington, R.C., Eytan, R.I. & Near, T.J. (2015): Molecular phylogeny of Percomorpha resolves Trichonotus as the sister lineage to Gobioidei (Teleostei: Gobiiformes) and confirms the polyphyly of Trachinoidei.
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