More News 2018 – authors in alphabetical order
[Focus on fish systematic, phylogeny, synonymy and genetics]


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  • Ackiss, A.S., Dang, B.T., Bird, C.E., Biesack, E.E., Phounvisouk, P.C.L., Vu, Q.H.D., Uy, S. & Carpenter, K.E. (2019): Cryptic Lineages and a Population Dammed to Incipient Extinction? Insights into the Genetic Structure of a Mekong River Catfish.

  • Alam, M.J., Kim, J.-H., Andriyono, S., Lee, J.-H., Lee, S.R., Park, H. & Kim, H.-W. (2019) Characterization of complete mitochondrial genome and gene organization of sharp-spined notothenia, Trematomus pennellii (Perciformes: Nototheniidae).

  • Amorim, P.F. & Costa, W.J.E.M. (2019): Reconstructing biogeographic temporal events in the evolution of the livebearer fish genus Jenynsia based on total evidence analysis (Cyprinodontiformes: Anablepidae).

  • Andriyono, S., Kim, A.-R., Alam, M.J., Park, H. & Kim, H.-W. (2019): The complete mitochondrial genome of spearnose grenadier, Coelorinchus multispinulosus, Katayama, 1942 (Gadiformes: Macrouridae).

  • Arai, Y., Yokoyama, C., Nagase, K., Suwa, M., Ogawa, Y., Iuchi, K. & Hisatomi, H. (2019): Complete mitochondrial DNA sequences of two endemic subspecies, Salvelinus leucomaenis imbrius and Salvelinus leucomaenis pluvius (Salmonid, White spotted charr) in Japan.

  • Artüz, M.L. & Fricke, R. (2019): The marine teleost fishes of the Sea of Marmara; an updated and annotated checklist.

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  • Ballesteros–Córdova, C.A., Varela–Romero, A., Ruiz–Campos, G., Findley, L.T., Grijalva–Chon, J.M., Gutiérrez–Millán, L.E. (2019): Mitochondrial evidence for a new evolutionary significant unit within the Gila eremica lineage (Teleostei, Cyprinidae) in Sonora, Northwest Mexico.

  • Batta-Lona, P.G., Galindo-Sánchez, C.E., Arteaga, M.C., Robles-Flores, J. & Jiménez-Rosenberg, S.P.A. (2019): DNA barcoding and morphological taxonomy: identification of lanternfish (Myctophidae) larvae in the Gulf of Mexico.

  • Baumsteiger, J. & Moyle, P.B. (2019): A reappraisal of the California Roach/Hitch (Cypriniformes, Cyprinidae, Hesperoleucus/Lavinia) species complex.

  • Belaiba, E., Marrone, F., Vecchioni, L., Bahri-Sfar, L. & Arculeo, M. (in press): An exhaustive phylogeny of the combtooth blenny genus Salaria (Pisces, Blenniidae) shows introgressive hybridization and lack of reciprocal mtDNA monophyly between the marine species Salaria basilisca and Salaria pavo.

  • Bemis, K.E., Tyler, J.C. & Arcila, D. (2019): Life history, distribution and molecular phylogenetics of the upward‐mouth spikefish Atrophacanthus japonicus (Teleostei: Tetraodontiformes: Triacanthodidae).

  • Bono, A., Tencatt, L.F.C., Alonso, F. & Lehmann A., P. (2019) Redescription of Corydoras undulatus Regan, 1912 (Siluriformes: Callichthyidae), with comments on the identity of Corydoras latus Pearson, 1924.

  • Borden, W.C., Grande, T.C. & Wilson, M.V.H. (2019): Phylogenetic relationships within the primitive acanthomorph fish genus Polymixia, with changes to species composition and geographic distributions.

  • Brown, J., Beard, A., Clingham, E., Fricke, R., Henry, L. & Wirtz, P. (2019): The fishes of St Helena Island, central Atlantic Ocean—new records and an annotated check-list.

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  • Cao, P., Song, W., Huang, H., Li, L., Zhang, F., Jiang, K., Chen, X. & Ma, L. (2019): The complete mitochondrial genome of Pagetopsis macropterus (Notothenioidei: Channichthyidae) with phylogenetic consideration.

  • Çiçek, E., Eagderi, S. & Sungur, S. (2019): Oxynoemacheilus phoxinoides (Erk’akan, Nalbant & Özeren, 2007): a junior synonym of Oxynoemacheilus angorae (Steindachner, 1897).

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  • Delrieu‐Trottin, E., Brosseau‐Acquaviva, L., Mona, S., Neglia, V., Giles, E.C., Rapu‐Edmunds, C. & Saenz‐Agudelo, P. (in press): Understanding the origin of the most isolated endemic reef fish fauna of the Indo‐Pacific: Coral reef fishes of Rapa Nui.

  • Divya, P.R., Kumar, R.G., Mohitha1, C., Shanis, C.P.R., Bineesh, K.K., Basheer, V.S: & Gopalakrishnan, A. (2019): Resurrection and Re-description of Pampus candidus (Cuvier), Silver Pomfret from the Northern Indian Ocean.

  • Du, K., Wuertz, S., Adolfi, M., Kneitz, S., Stöck, M., Oliveira, M., Nóbrega, R., Ormanns, J., Kloas, W., Feron, R., Klopp, C., Parrinello, H., Journot, L., He, S., Postlethwait, J., Meyer, A., Guiguen, Y. & Schartl, M. (2019): The genome of the arapaima (Arapaima gigas) provides insights into gigantism, fast growth and chromosomal sex determination system.

  • Du, X., Jiang, H., Chen, W., Lü, Z., Gong, L., Liu, B., Ye, Y. & Liu, L. (2019): The complete mitochondrial genome of Thryssa vitrirostris (Engraulinae, Engranlidae, Clupeoidei) and phylogenetic studies of Clupeoidei.

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  • Fernando, D., Bown, R.M.K., Tanna, A., Gobiraj, R., Ralicki, H., Jockusch, E.L., Ebert, D.A., Jensen, K. & Caira, J.N. (2019): New insights into the identities of the elasmobranch fauna of Sri Lanka.

  • Ford, A.G.P., Bullen, T.R., Pang, L., Genner, M.J., Bills, R., Flouri, T., Ngatunga, B.P., Rüber, L., Schliewen, U.K., Seehausen, O., Shechonge, A., Stiassny, M.L.J., Turner, G.F. & Day, J.J. (2019): Molecular phylogeny of Oreochromis (Cichlidae: Oreochromini) reveals mito-nuclear discordance and multiple colonisation of adverse aquatic environments.

  • Fraser, T.H. & Bogorodsky, S.V. (2019): Status of the cardinalfish genus Apogonoides and its type species Apogonoides macassariensis (Percomorpha: Apogonidae).
      [Note: the authors identified Apogonoides Bleeker (1849) as the senior synonym of Cercamia Randall & Smith (1988), but want in reversal of priority, that Cercamia will be used as the valid name of the genus.]

  • Freyhof, J., Kaya, C., Bayçelebi, E., Geiger, M. & Turan, D. (2019): Comments on the holotype of Alburnus kurui Mangit & Yerli 2018 and re-description of A. carianorum Freyhof, Kaya, Bayçelebi, Geiger & Turan, 2019 (Teleostei: Leuciscidae).

  • Fujiwara, K. & Motomura, H. (2019): Validity of Lepadichthys misakius (Tanaka 1908) and redescription of Lepadichthys frenatus Waite 1904 (Gobiesocidae: Diademichthyinae).

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  • Galindo, B.A., Ferreira, D.G., Apolinário-Silva, C., Terra, M.C., Aprígio, N.G.O., Ota, R.R., Ohara, W.M., Almeida, F.S. & Sofia, S.H. (2019): Genetic diversity and population structure of Brycon nattereri (Characiformes: Bryconidae): a Neotropical fish under threat of extinction.

  • García‐Rodríguez, F.J., Chollet‐Villalpando, J.G., Martínez‐Guevara, A. & De La Cruz‐Agüero, J. (2019): Supporting the existence of two isolated evolutionary lineages of Gerres (Perciformes: Gerreidae) in America.

  • Gill, A.C. & Russell, BC. (2019): Redescription of Anthias xanthomaculatus Fourmanoir and Rivaton, and its reassignment in the genus Odontanthias Bleeker (Teleostei: Serranidae: Anthiadinae).

  • Goldberg, D.L., Landy, J.A., Travis, J., Springer, M.S. & Reznick, D.N. (2019): In love and war: The morphometric and phylogenetic basis of ornamentation, and the evolution of male display behavior, in the livebearer genus Poecilia.

  • González-Castro, M., Rosso, J.J., Delpiani, S.M., Mabragaña, E. & Díaz de Astarloa, J.M. (2019): Inferring boundaries among fish species of the new world silversides (Atherinopsidae; genus Odontesthes): new evidences of incipient speciation between marine and brackish populations of Odontesthes argentinensis.

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  • Han, J., Chen, X., Lin, Y., Ying, C., Lu, Y., Qian, Y., Yang, P., Xia, L., Zhang, Q., Zhang, D., Meng, Y. & Yang, S. (2019): Identification and phylogenetic analysis of the mitogenome from Acrossocheilus wenchowensis.

  • He, Y., Gong, J., Zhu, T., Wu, X., Zhu, Y. & Yang, D. (2019): Complete mitochondrial genome and phylogenetic analysis of Anabarilius brevianalis (Teleostei, Cyprinidae, Cultrinae).

  • Huang, W.-C., Chen, H,-M. & Liao, T.-Y. (2019): Revalidation of a moray eel, Gymnothorax mucifer Snyder, 1904 (Teleostei: Anguilliformes: Muraenidae), with a revised distribution.

  • Huang, Y., Liu, B., Zhu, K., Zhang, J., Jing, F., Xia, L. & Liu, Y. (2019): The complete mitochondrial genome of Gephyrocharax atracaudatus (Characiformes, Characidae) and phylogenetic studies of Characiformes.

  • Hubert, N., Lumbantobing, D., Sholihah, A., Dahruddin, H., Delrieu-Trottin, E., Busson, F., Sauri, S., Hadiaty, R & Keith, P. (2019): Revisiting species boundaries and distribution ranges of Nemacheilus spp. (Cypriniformes: Nemacheilidae) and Rasbora spp. (Cypriniformes: Cyprinidae) in Java, Bali and Lombok through DNA barcodes: implications for conservation in a biodiversity hotspot.

  • Huby, A., Lowie, A., Herrel, A., Vigouroux, R., Frédérich, B., Raick, X., Kurchevski, G., Lima, A. & Parmentier, G.E. (2019): Functional diversity in biters: the evolutionary morphology of the oral jaw system in pacus, piranhas and relatives (Teleostei: Serrasalmidae).

  • Husemann, M., Tobler, M., Ding, B., Nguyen, R., McCauley, C., Pilger, T. & Danley, P.D. (2019): Complex patterns of genetic and phenotypic divergence in populations of the Lake Malawi cichlid Maylandia zebra.

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  • Jang-Liaw, N.-H., Tominaga, K., Zhang, C., Zhao, Y., Nakajima, J., Onikura, N. & Watanabe, K. (2019): Phylogeography of the Chinese false gudgeon, Abbottina rivularis, in East Asia, with special reference to the origin and artificial disturbance of Japanese populations.

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  • Kim, H.-W., Alam, M.J., Kim, A.-R., Park, H. & Andriyono, S. (2019): Sequence and phylogenetic analysis of the complete mitochondrial genome for the grey stingfish Minous monodactylus (Scorpaeniformes: Synanceiidae).

  • Koblmüller, S., Zangl, L., Börger, C., Daill, D., Vanhove, M.P.M., Sturmbauer, C. & Sefc, K.M. (2019): Only true pelagics mix: comparative phylogeography of deepwater bathybatine cichlids from Lake Tanganyika.

  • Kraemer, J., Thieme, P., Hadiaty, R.K. & Herder, F. (2019): Structure of the andropodium of the viviparous halfbeak genus Nomorhamphus (Atherinomorpha: Beloniformes: Zenarchopteridae), endemic to Sulawesi, Indonesia.

  • Kundu, S., Pakrashi, A., Laskar, B.A., Rahaman, I., Tyagi, K., Kumar, V. & Chandra, K. (2019): DNA barcoding reveals distinct population of Plotosus canius (Siluriformes: Plotosidae) in Sundarbans waters.

  • Kundu, S., Tyagi, K., Mohanty, S.R., Roy, S., Mohapatra, A., Kumar, V. & Chandra, K. (2019): DNA barcoding inferred maternal philopatric affinity of ocean maskray (Neotrygon indica) in the Bay of Bengal.

  • Kwun, H.J. & Myoung, S.H. (2019): New record of the Crenimugil crenilabis (Forsskål, 1775) (Mugiliformes: Mugilidae) from Korea, as revealed by mitochondrial DNA barcoding.

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  • Lai, M., Sun, S., Chen, J., Ge, Y., Zhang, G. & Cheng, R. (2019): Complete mitochondrial genome sequence of Trachyrhamphus serratus with phylogenetic implications for the family Syngnathidae.

  • Lemoine, M., Barluenga, M., Lucek, K., Mwaiko, S., Haesler, M., Chapman, L.J., Chapman, C.A. & Seehausen, O. (2019): Recent sympatric speciation involving habitat-associated nuptial colour polymorphism in a crater lake cichlid.

  • Levin, B.A., Gandlin, A.A., Simonov, E.S., Levina, M.A., Barmintseva, A.E., Japoshvili, B., Mugue, N.S., Mumladze, L., Mustafayev, N.J., Pashkov, A.N., Roubenyan, H.R., Shapovalov, M.I. & Doadrio, I. (2019): Phylogeny, phylogeography and hybridization of Caucasian barbels of the genus Barbus (Actinopterygii, Cyprinidae).

  • Li, Y., Song, P., Feng, J., Zhang, N., Zhang, R. & Lin, L. (2019): Complete mitochondrial genome sequence and phylogenetic analysis of Myoxocephalus scorpius (Linnaeus, 1758).

  • Liu, L., Zhang, X., Li, C., Zhang, H., Yanagimoto, T., Song, N. & Gao, T. (2019): Population genetic structure of Marbled Rockfish, Sebastiscus marmoratus (Cuvier, 1829), in the northwestern Pacific Ocean.

  • Liu, X., Deng, H., Liu, Z. & Zhou, J. (2019): Reassignment of ‚Triplophysa‘ jiarongensis (Cypriniformes: Nemacheilidae) to Oreonectes Günther, 1868.

  • Liu, Y., Huang, Y., Zhu, K., Meng, F., Zhang, J., Jing, F., Xia, L. & Liu, B. (2019): The complete mitochondrial genome of Hepsetus odoe (Hepsetidae, characoidei) and phylogenetic studies of characoidei.

  • Liu, Y., Meng, F., Yin, X., Huang, Y., Zhu, K., Zhang, J., Jing, F., Xia, L. & Liu, B. (2019): The complete mitochondrial genome of Dermogenys pusilla (Beloniformes: Hemiramphidae) and phylogenetic studies of Beloniformes.

  • Ludt, W.B., Bernal, M.A., Kenworthy, E., Salas, E. & Chakrabarty, P. (2019): Genomic, ecological, and morphological approaches to investigating species limits: A case study in modern taxonomy from Tropical Eastern Pacific surgeonfishes.

  • Luo, D., Li, Y., Zhao, Q., Zhao, L., Ludwig, A. & Peng, Z. (2019): Highly Resolved Phylogenetic Relationships within Order Acipenseriformes According to Novel Nuclear Markers.

  • Luo, F., Huang, J., Luo, T., Yang, J., Zhou, H. & Wen, Y. (2019): Complete mitochondrial genome and phylogenetic analysis of Yunnanilus pulcherrimus (Cypriniformes, Nemacheilidae).

  • Luo, F., Huang, J., Shi, G., Luo, T., Liu, J. & Wen, Y. (2019): Complete mitochondrial genome of Sinocyclocheilus yishanensis (Cypriniformes: Cyprinidae) and phylogenetic position.

  • Luo, F., Luo, T., Huang, J., Liu, X., Situ, L. & Wen, Y. (2019): Characterization of complete mitochondrial genome of Aphyocypris pulchrilineata (Teleostei, Cypriniformes, Cyprinidae).

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  • Marceniuk, A.P., Caires, R.A. , Machado, L., Cerqueira, N.N.C.D., Serra, R.R.M.S. & Oliveira, C. (2019): Redescription of Orthopristis ruber and Orthopristis scapularis (Haemulidae: Perciformes), with a hybridization zone off the Atlantic coast of South America.

  • Martin, M.B. & Chakona, A. (2019): Designation of a neotype for Enteromius pallidus (Smith, 1841), an endemic cyprinid minnow from the Cape Fold Ecoregion, South Africa.

  • Mateos, M., Domínguez‐Domínguez, O. & Varela‐Romero, A. (2019): A multilocus phylogeny of the fish genus Poeciliopsis: Solving taxonomic uncertainties and preliminary evidence of reticulation.

  • Mateussi, N.T.B., Melo, B.F., Foresti, F. & Oliveira, C. (2019): Molecular Data Reveal Multiple Lineages in Piranhas of the Genus Pygocentrus (Teleostei, Characiformes).

  • Matschiner, M. (2019): Gondwanan vicariance or trans-Atlantic dispersal of cichlid fishes: a review of the molecular evidence.

  • Matthews, W.J. & Turner, T.F. (2019): Redescription and Recognition of Etheostoma cyanorum from Blue River, Oklahoma.

  • Miki, R., Hata, H. & Motomura, H. (2019): Records of the Barracuda Sphyraena qenie from Japan, with Notes on the Taxonomic Status of Sphyraena nigripinnis (Teleostei: Sphyraenidae).

  • Mishra, S.S:, Mohapatra, A., Ray, D., Mohanty, S.R. & Tudu, P.C. (2019): Ophichthus chilkensis Chaudhuri, 1916 (Anguilliformes: Ophichthidae) – resurrection as a valid species from India, with re-description.

  • Mohapatra, A., Kundu, S., Mohanty, S.R., Mishra, S.S., Kumar, V., Tripathy, B. & Chandra, K. (2019): DNA barcoding adjudicate two different morphs of Bascanichthys deraniyagalai (Anguilliformes: Ophichthidae): re-description and first record from Chilika lagoon, India.

  • Montenegro, J., Mochida, K., Matsui, K., Mokodongan, D.F., Sumarto, B.K.A., Lawelle, S.A., Nofrianto, A.B., Hadiaty, R.K., Masengi, K.W.A., Yong, L., Inomata, N., Irie, T., Hashiguchi, Y., Terai, Y., Kitano, J. & Yamahira, K. (2019): Convergent evolution of body color between sympatric freshwater fishes via different visual sensory evolution.

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  • Orlova, S.Y., Volkov, A.A., Shcepetov, D.M., Maznikova, O.A., Chernova, N.V., Chikurova, E.A., Glebov, I.I. & Orlov, A.M. (2019): Inter- and Intra-Species Relationships of Greenland Halibut Reinhardtius hippoglossoides (Pleuronectidae) Based on the Analysis of Nuclear and Mitochondrial Genetic Markers.

  • Ottoni, F.P., Mattos, J.L.O., Katz, A.M. & Bragança, P.H.N. (2019): Phylogeny and species delimitation based on molecular approaches on the species of the Australoheros autrani group (Teleostei, Cichlidae), with biogeographic comments.

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  • Pang, Z., Liu, L., Liu, B., Gong, L., Jiang, L. & Lü, Z. (2019): The complete mitochondrial genome of Stolephorus insularis (Clupeiformes: Engraulidae) and phylogenetic studies of Engraulidae.

  • Park, J., Kim, Y. & Xi, H. (2019): The complete mitochondrial genome sequence of Chinese minnow in Korea, Rhynchocypris oxycephalus (Sauvage and Dabry de Thiersant, 1874).

  • Parker, E., Dornburg, A., Domínguez-Domínguez, O. & Piller, K.R. (2019): Assessing Phylogenetic Information to Reveal Uncertainty in Historical Data: An Example Using Goodeinae (Teleostei: Cyprinodontiformes: Goodeidae).

  • Pérez-Quiñonez, C.I., Quiñonez-Velázquez, C. & García-Rodríguez, F.J. (in press): Genetic homogeneity of the Pacific thread herring (Opisthonema libertate) (Günther, 1867) in the Eastern Pacific, inferred from mtDNA sequences.

  • Ponjarat, J., Areesirisuk, P., Prakhongcheep, O., Dokkaew, S., Sillapaprayoon, S., Muangmai, N., Peyachoknagul, S. & Srikulnath, K. (2019): Complete mitochondrial genome of two mouthbrooding fighting fishes, Betta apollon and B. simplex (Teleostei: Osphronemidae).

  • Puckridge, M., Last, P.R., Gledhill, D.C. & Andreakis, N. (2019): From the tropics to the pole and back again: Radiation in the flathead fishes (Platycephalidae) across Australia and the Indo‐West Pacific.

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  • Qin, X., Liu, Y., Yang, X., Mu, Y., Zheng, L. & Sui, Y. (2019): Complete mitochondrial genome sequence for the black croaker Atrobucca nibe (Perciformes, Sciaenidae) and its phylogeny.

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  • Reis, V.J.C. & De Pinna, M. (2019): The type specimens of Trichomycterus alternatus (Eigenmann, 1917) and Trichomycterus zonatus (Eigenmann, 1918), with elements for future revisionary work (Teleostei: Siluriformes: Trichomycteridae)

  • Ren, Q. & Mayden, R.L. (2019): Comparative Phylogenetics of the Asian genus „Puntius“ and relatives (Cypriniformes; Cyprinidae): Explorations into the potential impacts of taxon and character sampling.

  • Renza-Millán, M., Lasso, C.A:, Morales-Betancourt, M.A., Villa, F. & Caballero, S. (in press): Mitochondrial DNA diversity and population structure of the ocellate freshwater stingray Potamotrygon motoro (Müller & Henle, 1841) (Myliobatiformes: Potamotrygonidae) in the Colombian Amazon and Orinoco Basins.

  • Roxo, F.F., Ochoa, L.E., Sabaj, M.H., Lujan, N.K., Covain, R., Silva, G.S.C., Melo, B.F., Albert, J.S:, Chang, J., Foresti, F., Alfaro, M.E. & Oliveira, C. (in press): Phylogenomic reappraisal of the Neotropical catfish family Loricariidae (Teleostei: Siluriformes) using ultraconserved elements.

  • Rutenko, O.A., Turanov, S.V. & Kartavtsev, Y.P. (2019): Complete mitochondrial genome of ocellated blenny, Opisthocentrus ocellatus (Tilesius, 1811) (Zoarcales: Opisthocentidae).

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  • Santos, J.C.M., Ferreira, E.S., Oliveira, C., Oliveira, T.B., Costa, A.S.L., Queiroz, A.K.O., Schneider, H., Sampaio, I. & Santosa, S. (in press): Phylogeny of the genus Hypophthalmus Cuvier, 1829 (Pimelodidae – Siluriformes), based on a multilocus analysis, indicates diversification and introgression in the Amazon basin.

  • Schedel, F.D.B., Musilova, Z. & Schliewen, U.K. (2019): East African cichlid lineages (Teleostei: Cichlidae) might be older than their ancient host lakes: new divergence estimates for the east African cichlid radiation.

  • Sgouros, K., Page, L.M., Orlofske, S.A. & Jadin, R.C. (2019): A revised molecular phylogeny reveals polyphyly in Schistura (Teleostei: Cypriniformes: Nemacheilidae).

  • Shibukawa, K., Aizawa, M., Suzuki, T., Kanagawa, N. & Muto, F. (2019): Preliminary review of earthworm gobies of the genus Luciogobius (Gobiiformes, Oxudercidae) from Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan.
    • Bulletin of the Museum of Natural and Environmental History, Shizuoka, (12): 29–96.

  • Short, G., Harasti, D. & Hamilton, H. (2019): Hippocampus whitei Bleeker, 1855, a senior synonym of the southern Queensland seahorse H. procerus Kuiter, 2001: molecular and morphological evidence (Teleostei, Syngnathidae).

  • Silva, M., Matoso, D.A., Artoni, R.F. & Feldberg, E. (2019): Karyotypic Diversity and Evolutionary Trends in Neotropical Electric Fish of the Genus Gymnotus (Gymnotiformes: Gymnotidae).

  • Soares, K.D.A. & Carvalho, M.R. (2019): The catshark genus Scyliorhinus (Chondrichthyes: Carcharhiniformes: Scyliorhinidae): taxonomy, morphology and distribution.

  • Song, H.Y., Choi, T.-Y., Jo, S., Jung, S.-H., Kim, B., Choi, Y.J. & Yoo, J.S. (2019): Characterization of the complete mitochondrial genome of Periophthalmus modestus (Gobiiformes, Oxudercidae) and phylogenetic analysis.

  • Sudasinghe, H. & Pethiyagoda, R. (2019): A commentary on the taxonomic review of Sri Lankan Devario by Batuwita et al. 2017 (Teleostei: Danionidae).

  • Sudasinghe, H., Pethiyagoda, R., Maduwage, K. & Meegaskumbura, M. (2019): The identity of the Sri Lankan Amblypharyngodon (Teleostei, Cyprinidae).

  • Sun, S., Lai, M., Huang, Z., Ge, Y., Zhang, G. & Cheng, R. (2019): Characterization of the complete mitochondrial genome sequence of medical spiny pipehorse Solegnathus spinosissimus and its phylogenetic analysis.

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  • Tao, Y., Yang, F., Duan, B., He, C., Xie, L. & Li, Y. (2019): Complete mitochondrial genome of Odontobutis potamophila (Teleostei, Perciformes, Odontobutidae) from the newly found population of the Upper Yangtze River.

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  • Uiblein, F. & Nielsen, J.G. (2019): Redescription of the ocellus-bearing cuskeel Neobythites kenyaensis (Ophidiidae), with new Southeast African records and remarks on intraspecific morphological and colour variation.

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  • Van der Laan, R. & Van Nieukerken, E.J. (2019): Case 3747 – Rivulinae Grote, 1895 (Lepidoptera, Glossata, Noctuoidea) and Rivulidae Myers, 1925 (Osteichthyes, Cyprinodontiformes): proposed emendation of the spelling of the lepidopterous subfamily to Rivulainae to remove homonymy.

  • Vecchioni, L., Marrone, F., Belaiba, E., Tiralongo, F., Bahri‐Sfar, L. & Arculeo, M. (2019): The DNA barcoding of Mediterranean combtooth blennies suggests the paraphyly of some taxa (Perciformes, Blenniidae).

  • Veneza, I., Silva, R., Silva, D., Gomes, G., Sampaio, I. & Schneider, H. (2019): Multiloci analyses suggest synonymy among Rhomboplites, Ocyurus and Lutjanus and reveal the phylogenetic position of Lutjanus alexandrei (Lutjanidae: Perciformes).

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  • Wang, X., Liu, F., Yu, D. & Liu, H. (2019): Mitochondrial divergence suggests unexpected high species diversity in the opsariichthine fishes (Teleostei: Cyprinidae) and the revalidation of Opsariichthys macrolepis.

  • Wang, Y., Zhang, F., Zhao, M., Ma, C., Zhang, L. & Ma, L. (2019): The complete mitochondrial genome of Dysomma anguillare (Anguilliformes, Synaphobranchidae) with phylogenetic consideration.

  • Wang, Z., Liu, Y., Feng, W., Chen, L., Miao, Z. & Chen, J. (2019): The complete mitochondrial genome of Sardinella fijiensis (Clupeiformes: clupeidae) and phylogenetic studies of clupeidae.

  • Wang, Z., Miao, Z., Yin, X., Chen, J. & Ying, X. (2019): Phylogenetic analysis of the complete mitochondrial genome of Dysomma anguillare (Anguilliformes, Synaphobranchidae).

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  • Xie, J., Guo, Y., Feng, J., Ye, Y., Li, J., Guo, B. & Zhu, A. (2019): The complete mitochondrial genome and phylogenetic analysis of Apogonichthys lineatus(Osteichthyes: Apogonidae.

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