More News 2021 – authors in alphabetical order
[Focus on fish systematic, phylogeny, synonymy and genetics]


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  • Afonso, G.V.F., Di Dario, F., Eduardo, L.N., Lucena-Frédou, F., Bertrand, A. & Mincarone, M.M. (2021): Taxonomy and Distribution of Deep-Sea Bigscales and Whalefishes (Teleostei: Stephanoberycoidei) Collected off Northeastern Brazil, Including Seamounts and Oceanic Islands.
  • Aguiar, R.G., Guimarães, E.C., Carvalho-Costa, L.F. & Ottoni, F.P. (2021): Historical review on the type locality of Knodus victoriae (Steindachner 1907) (Teleostei: Characidae) and Loricaria parnahybae Steindachner 1907 (Teleostei: Loricariidae) /
    Revisão histórica sobre a localidade tipo de Knodus victoriae (Steindachner 1907) (Teleostei: Characidae) e Loricaria parnahybae Steindachner 1907 (Teleostei: Loricariidae).

  • Akkuş, M., Sarı, M., Ekmekçi, F.G. & Yogurtçuoğlu, B. (2021): The discovery of a microbialite-associated freshwater fish in the world’s largest saline soda lake, Lake Van (Turkey).
  • Apolinário-Silva, C., Galindo, B.A., Nascimento, R.H.C., Frantine-Silva, W., Kotelok-Diniz, T., Sofia, S.H. & Ferreira, D.G. (2021): Fine-scale genetic structure of suckermouth Hypostomus ancistroides populations: the importance of Neotropical streams for fish conservation.
  • Arroyave, J. & Cruz Fernández, D.A. (2021): Cave-dwelling populations of Rhamdia (Siluriformes: Heptapteridae) from the Sierra de Zongolica, Veracruz, Mexico: an evidence-based checklist with comments on their evolutionary history and taxonomy.
  • Arroyave, J. & Cruz-Fernández, D.A. (2021): Genetic and morphological evidence cast doubt on the validity of Mexican troglobitic species of the Neotropical catfish genus Rhamdia (Siluriformes: Heptapteridae).
  • Azevedo, F.M., Zawadzki, C.H., Soria, T.V., Mansini, T., Fabrin, C., Oliveira, A.V., Alves Pinto, S.M. & Prioli, A.J. (2021): Integrative taxonomy reveals the historically poorly-defined armored catfish Hypostomus variipictus (Ihering 1911), from the upper rio Paraná basin, Brazil (Siluriformes, Loricariidae).

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  • Baker, C.F, Rossi, C.R., Quiroga, P., White, E., Williams, P., Kitson, J., Bice, C.M., Renaud, C.B., Potter, I., Neira, F.J. & Baigún, C. (2021): Morphometric and physical characteristics distinguishing adult Patagonian lamprey, Geotria macrostoma from the pouched lamprey, Geotria australis.
  • Baroni, S., Pacheco, R. & Almeida-Toledo, D.L.F. (2021): Paraphyly and evolutionary independent lineages in Gymnotus pantherinus (Gymnotiformes: Gymnotidae) in the Brazilian Atlantic Forest Coastal Streams.
  • Bayçelebi, E., Turan, D., Kaya, C. & Freyhof, J. (2021): Alburnus battalgilae, a synonym of A. attalus (Teleostei: Leuciscidae).
  • Beltrán-López, R.G., Domínguez-Domínguez, O., Piller, K.R., Mejía-Mojica, H., Mar-Silva, A.F. & Doadrio, I. (2021): Genetic differentiation among populations of the blackfin goodea Goodea atripinnis (Cyprinodontiformes: Goodeidae): implications for its evolutionary history.
  • Beltrán-López, R.G., González-Díaz, A.A., Soria-Barreto, M., Garduño-Sánchez, M.A., Xochitla-Castrejón, C., Rodiles-Hernández, R. & Ornelas-García, C.P. (2021): Genetic diversity and structure of one of the most endangered freshwater fish species in Mexico: Tlaloc hildebrandi (Miller, 1950) and recognition of its evolutionarily significant units.
  • Beltrán-López, R.G., Pérez-Rodríguez, R., Montañez-García, O.C., Artigas-Azas, J.M., Köck, M., Mar-Silva, A.F. & Domínguez-Domínguez, O. 2021. Genetic differentiation in the genus Characodon: implications for conservation and taxonomy.
  • Bogorodsky, S.V., Zajonz, U., Saeed, F.N. & Weigmann, S. (2021): Notes on batoid fishes of the Socotra Archipelago (north-western Indian Ocean), with four new records.
  • Bonetti Pozzobon, A.P., Gonçalves, P.R., Anderson, J.D., Rocha, L.A., Diaz de Astarloa, J.M. & Di Dario, F. (2021): Phylogenetic relationships, genetic diversity and biogeography of menhadens, genus Brevoortia (Clupeiformes, Clupeidae).
  • Bonhomme, F., Meyer, L., Arbiol, C., Banaru, D., Bahri-Sfar, L., Fadhlaoui-Zid, K., Strelkov, P., Arculeo, M., Soulier, L., Quignard, J.-P. & Gagnaire, P.-A. (2021): Systematics of European coastal anchovies (genus Engraulis Cuvier).
  • Borovikova, E.A. & Artamonova, V.S. (2021): Vendace (Coregonus albula) and least cisco (Coregonus sardinella) are a single species: evidence from revised data on mitochondrial and nuclear DNA polymorphism.
  • Borsa, P., Williams, C.T., McIvor, A.J., Hoareau, T.B. & Berumen, M.L. (2021): Neotype designation and re-description of Forsskål’s reticulate whipray Himantura uarnak.
  • Bragança, P.H.N. & Ottoni, F.P. (2021): On the availability of the name Poecilia kempkesi Poeser 2013 (Cyprinodontiformes: Poeciliidae).
  • Britz, R., Kottelat, M. & Kullander, S. (2021): A note on Muraena alba Zuiew, 1793 (Teleostei: Synbranchidae).
  • Bruner, J.C. (2021): Stizostedion Rafinesque, 1820 (Percidae) is the valid generic name for Walleye, Sauger, and Eurasian pikeperch.
  • Buckley, S.J., Brauer, C., Unmack, P.J., Hammer, M.P. & Beheregaray, L.B. (2021): The roles of aridification and sea level changes in the diversification and persistence of freshwater fish lineages.
  • Burns, M.D. (2021): Adaptation to herbivory and detritivory drives the convergent evolution of large abdominal cavities in a diverse freshwater fish radiation (Otophysi: Characiformes).

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  • Calixto-Rojas, M., Lira-Noriega, A., Rubio-Godoy, M., Pérez-Ponce de León, G. & Pinacho-Pinacho, C.D. (2021): Phylogenetic relationships and ecological niche conservatism in killifish (Profundulidae) in Mesoamerica.
  • Cárcamo-Tejer, V., Vila, I., Llanquín-Rosas, F., Sáez-Arteaga, A. & Guerrero-Jiménez, C. (2021): Phylogeography of high Andean killifishes Orestias (Teleostei: Cyprinodontidae) in Caquena and Lauca sub-basins of the Altiplano (Chile): mitochondrial and nuclear analysis of an endangered fish.
  • Cardoso, Y.P., Queiroz, L.J., Bahechar, I.A., Posadas, P.E. & Montoya‑Burgos, J.I. (2021): Multilocus phylogeny and historical biogeography of Hypostomus shed light on the processes of fsh diversifcation in La Plata Basin.
  • Ciccotto, P.J., Lin, F. & Chen, X.-Y. (2021): Taxonomic revisions of Altigena laticeps and A. lippa (Cyprinidae: Labeoninae) from the Mekong River Basin.
  • Çiçek, E., Eagderi, S., Seçer, B. & Sungur, S. (2021): Capoeta kosswigi Karaman, 1969 a junior synonym of Capoeta damascina (Valenciennes, 1842) (Teleostei: Cyprinidae).
  • Costa, W.J.E.M., Mattos, J.L.O. & Katz, A.M. (2021): Phylogenetic Position of Trichomycterus payaya and Examination of Osteological Characters Diagnosing the Neotropical Catfish Genus Ituglanis (Siluriformes: Trichomycteridae).
  • Crotti, M., Bean, C.W., Gowans, A.R.D., Winfield, I.J., Butowska, M., Wanzenböck, J., Bondarencko, G., Præbel, K., Adams, C.E. & Elmer, K.R. (2021): Complex and divergent histories gave rise to genome-wide divergence patterns amongst European whitefish (Coregonus lavaretus).
  • Cruz, V.P., Adachi, A.M.C. L., Oliveira, P.H., Ribeiro, G.S., Paim, F.G., Souza, B.C., Rodrigues, A.S.F., Vianna, M., Delpiani, S.M., Díaz de Astarloa, J.M., Rotundo, M.M., Mendonça, F.F., Oliveira, C., Lessa, R.P. & Foresti, F. (2021): Genetic diversity in two threatened species of guitarfish (Elasmobranchii: Rhinobatidae) from the Brazilian and Argentinian coasts: an alert for conservation.
  • Cunha-Machado, A.S., Farias, I.P., Hrbek, T.,Escobar, M.D., Alves-Gomes, J.A., Formiga, K.M. & Silva Batista, J. (2021): Genetic differentiation and gene flow of the Amazonian catfish Pseudoplatystoma punctifer across the Madeira River rapids prior to the construction of hydroelectric dams.

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  • Delrieu-Trottin, E., Hartmann Salvo, H., Agudelo, P.S., Landaeta, M.F. & Matus, A. P. (2021): DNA reconciles morphology and colouration in the drunk blenny genus Scartichthys (Teleostei: Blenniidae) and provides insights into their evolutionary history.
  • Domínguez-Castanedo, O., Muñoz-Campos, T.M., Valdesalici, S., Valdez-Carbajal, S. & Passos, C. (2021): First description of color variations in the annual killifish Millerichthys robustus, and preliminary observations about its geographical distribution.
  • Du, L., Yang, J., Min, R., Chen, X.-Y. & Yang, J. (2021): A review of the Cypriniform tribe Yunnanilini Prokofiev, 2010 from China, with an emphasis on five genera based on morphology and complete mitochondrial genome of some species.
  • Dyldin, Y.V., Fricke, R., Hanel, L., Vorobiev, D.S., Interesova, E.A., Romanov, V.I. & Orlov, A.M. (2021): Freshwater and brackish water fishes of Sakhalin Island (Russia) in inland and coastal waters: an annotated checklist with taxonomic comments.

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  • Ekanayake, H., Perera, N., Ukuwela, K.D., Walpita, C.N., Kodithuwakku, S.P. & Perera, S.J. (2021): Cryptic species diversity and molecular diagnosis of Channa orientalis; an endemic freshwater fish of Sri Lanka.
  • El Mghazli, H., Znari, M., Mounir, A., Benaissa, H. & El Ouizgani, H. (2021): Does the Atlantic horse mackerel Trachurus trachurus (Teleostei: Carangidae) differentiate morphologically within the putative Moroccan-Saharan stock?
  • Elías, D.J., McMahan, C.D & Piller, K.R. (2021): Molecular data elucidate cryptic diversity within the widespread Threadfin Shad (Dorosoma petenense: Clupeidae) across the Nearctic and Northern Neotropics.

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  • Favarato, R.M., Ribeiro, L.B., Campos, A., Porto, J.I.R., Nakayama, C.M., Ota, R.P. & Feldberg, E. (2021): Comparative cytogenetics of Serrasalmidae (Teleostei: Characiformes): The relationship between chromosomal evolution and molecular phylogenies.
  • Feller, A.F., Ogi, V., Seehausen, O. & Meier, J.I. (2021): Identification of a novel sex determining chromosome in cichlid fishes that acts as XY or ZW in different lineages.
  • Fernandes, C.A., Paiz, L.M., Piscor, D., Gavazzoni, M., Carvalho, L.A.B., Brito Portela-Castro, A.L. & Margarido, V.P. (2021): Chromosomal Diversity in Two Allopatric Populations of Farlowella hahni Meinken 1937 (Teleostei: Siluriformes): Cytogenetics and Cytochrome b Analyses.
  • Fernandes, M.A., Cioffi, M., Bertollo, L.A., Costa, G.W., Motta-Neto, C.C., Borges, A.T., Soares, R.X., Souza, A.S., Pinthong, K., Supiwong, W., Tanomtong, A. & Molina, W.F. (2021): Evolutionary Tracks of Chromosomal Diversification in Surgeonfishes (Acanthuridae: Acanthurus) along the World’s Biogeographic Domains.
  • Fernandez, L., Arroyave, J. & Schaefer, S.A. (2021): Emerging patterns in phylogenetic studies of trichomycterid catfishes (Teleostei, Siluriformes) and the contribution of Andean diversity.
  • Figueiredo-Filho, J.M., Marceniuk, A.P., Feijó, A., Siccha-Ramirez, R., Ribeiro, G.S., Oliveira, C. & Rosa, R.S. (2021): Taxonomy of Centropomus Lacépède, 1802 (Perciformes: Centropomidae), with focus on the Atlantic species of the genus.
  • Fontenelle, J.P., Marques, F.P.L., Kolmann, M.A. &  Lovejoy, N.R. (2021): Biogeography of the neotropical freshwater stingrays (Myliobatiformes: Potamotrygoninae) reveals effects of continent-scale paleogeographic change and drainage evolution.
  • Fujiwara, K., Kawama, K., Muto, N., Senou, H. & Motomura, H. (2021): Validity and redescription of the poorly known Japanese blenny Alticus orientalis Tomiyama 1955 (Perciformes: Blenniidae).

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  • García-Castro, K.L., Rangel-Medrano, J.D., Landínez-García, R.M. & Márquez, E. J. (2021): Population genetics of the endangered catfish Pseudoplatystoma magdaleniatum (Siluriformes: Pimelodidae) based on species-specific microsatellite loci.
  • Gauliard, C., Denys, G.P.J., Perea, S. & Dettaï, A. (2021): The complete mitochondrial genome of Barbatula quignardi (Bacescu-Mester, 1967) (Teleostei, Nemacheilidae).
  • Ghaderi, E., Farahmand, H., Bahrami Kamangar, B. & Nematollahi, M.A. (2021): Molecular validity of nemacheilid loaches from Choman River drainage, Kurdistan, Iran.
  • Gomon, M.F., Struthers, C.D. & Kemp, J. (2021): A review of the Australasian genus Pseudophycis (Gadiformes: Moridae), redescribing its four species and resurrecting the name Physiculus palmatus Klunzinger, 1872, for the Australian red cod.
  • Gonzalez, C., Postaire, B., Domingues, R.R., Feldheim, K.A., Caballero, S. & Chapman, D. 2021. Phylogeography and population genetics of the cryptic bonnethead shark Sphyrna aff. tiburo in Brazil and the Caribbean inferred from mitochondrial DNA markers.
  • González-Lorenzo, G., González-Jiménez, J.F. & González, J.A. (2021): Review of the family Serranidae (Perciformes) from the Canary Islands (eastern-central Atlantic), with the first records of Serranus hepatus and Epinephelus aeneus.

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  • Hammer, M.P., Adams, M., Unmack, P.J., Hassell, K.L. & Bertozzi, T. (2021): Surprising Pseudogobius: molecular systematics of benthic gobies reveals new insights into estuarine biodiversity (Teleostei: Gobiiformes).
  • Hammer, M.P., Taillebois, L., King, A.J., Crook, D.A., Wedd, D., Adams, M., Unmack, P.J., Hoese, D.F. & Bertozzi, T. (2021): Unravelling the taxonomy and identification of a problematic group of benthic fishes from tropical rivers (Gobiidae: Glossogobius).
  • Han, Z.-Q., Guo, X.-Y., Liu, Q., Liu, S.-S., Zhang, Z.-X., Xiao, S.-J. & Gao, T.-X. (2021): Whole-genome resequencing of Japanese whiting (Sillago japonica) provide insights into local adaptations.
  • Harrington, R.C., Friedman, M., Miya, M., Near, T.J. & Campbell, M.A. (2021): Phylogenomic resolution of the monotypic and enigmatic Amarsipus, the Bagless Glassfish (Teleostei, Amarsipidae).
  • Hoese, D.F. & Hammer, M.P. (2021): A review of the Glossogobius giuris complex in Australia, with wider discussion on nomenclature and possible synonymies.
  • Horoiwa, M., Mandagi, I.F., Sutra, N., Montenegro, J., Tantu, F.Y., Masengi, K.W.A., Nagano, A.J., Kusumi, J., Yasuda, N. & Yamahira, K. (2021): Mitochondrial introgression by ancient admixture between two distant lacustrine fishes in Sulawesi Island.
  • Hotaling, S., Borowiec, M.L., Lins, L.S.F., Desvignes, T. & Kelley, J.L. (2021): The biogeographic history of eelpouts and related fishes: linking phylogeny, environmental change, and patterns of dispersal in a globally distributed fish group.
  • Hüne, M., Oyarzún, P.A., Reyes, P., Rivera, G. & Montecinos, M. (2021): Phylogeographic analysis of Thyrsites atun (Perciformes: Gempylidae) reveals connectivity between fish from South Africa and Chile.
  • Hunt, E.P., Conway, K.W., Hamilton, K., Hilton, E.J., Piller, K.R., Wright, J.J. & Portnoy, D.S. (2021): Molecular Phylogenetics of the Chub Suckers (Teleostei: Catostomidae: Erimyzon) Inferred from Nuclear and Mitochondrial Loci.

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  • Iftime, A. & Oţel, V. (2021): Is Knipowitschia cameliae Nalbant et Oţel, 1995 (Osteichthyes: Gobiiformes: Gobiidae) a valid species?
  • Ito, D., Muto, N. & Motomura, H. (2021): Redescription of a dottyback Labracinus ocelliferus (Fowler, 1946) (Perciformes: Pseudochromidae), previously regarded as a junior synonym of Labracinus cyclophthalmus Müller and Troschel, 1849, on the basis of morphological and molecular evidence.
  • Ito, T., Hoshino, K. & Hosoya, K. (2021): Osteology of Hemigrammocypris neglecta (Teleostei: Cypriniformes) with comments on its systematic position.

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  • Jaafar, F., Na-Nakorn, U., Srisapoome, P., Amornsakun, T., Duong, T.-Y., Gonzales-Plasus, M.M., Hoang, D.-H. & Parhar, I.S. (2021): A Current Update on the Distribution, Morphological Features, and Genetic Identity of the Southeast Asian Mahseers, Tor Species.
  • Jamaluddin, J.A.F., So, N., Tam, B.M., Ahmad, A., Grudpan, C., Sah, A.S.R.M. & Nor, S.A.M. (2021): Genetic diversity of the tire track eel Mastacembelus favus in Southeast Asia inferred from microsatellite markers.

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  • Kerschbaumer, M., Postl, L. & Sturmbauer, C. (2021): Microevolutionary change in viscerocranial bones under congeneric sympatry in the Lake Tanganyikan cichlid genus Tropheus.
  • Keith, P. & Mennesson, M.I. (2021): Review of Ophiocara (Teleostei: Butidae) from Indo-Pacific Islands.
  • Khudamrongsawat, J., Kettratad, J., Intasorn, P., Pinyo, N., Tapcheewin, S. & Wanusrut, P. (2021): Pattern of genetic structure of the common stream fish, Neolissochilus soroides (Pisces: Cyprinidae), addresses the importance of protected areas in eastern Thailand.
  • Kim, J.-S., Ji, H.-S. & Kim, J.-K. (2021): Molecular and morphological comparison of larvae and juveniles of five species of callionymids, with ontogenetic evidence on the monophyly of Repomucenus (Callionymidae).
  • Koblmüller, S., Schöggl, C.A., Lorber, C.J., Van Steenberge, M., Kmentovác, N., Vanhove, M.P.M. & Zangl, L. (2021): African lates perches (Teleostei, Latidae, Lates): paraphyly of Nile perch and recent colonization of Lake Tanganyika.
  • Koerber, S. & Azpelicueta, M.d.l.M. (2021): Rediscovery of the missing type specimens of Farlowella hahni (Siluriformes: Loricariidae).
    • Bulletin of Fish Biology19: 97-103.
  • Kousteni, V. (2021): Morphometric description and biological notes on the rare kitefin shark Dalatias licha (Chondrichthyes: Dalatidae) from the Hellenic waters.

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  • Lacoste, F.F., Fernández, L. & Scioscia, C. (2021): On an unknown lamprey holotype (Petromyzon macrostomus Burmeister 1868) and the genus Exomegas Gill 1883 from South America.
  • Langeneck, J., Englezou, C., Di Maggio, M., Castelli, A. & Maltagliati, F. (2021): Phylogeography of Aphanius fasciatus (Osteichthyes: Aphaniidae) in the Mediterranean Sea, with a focus on its conservation in Cyprus.
  • Laurrabaquio-Alvarado, N.S., Díaz-Jaimes, P., Hinojosa-Álvarez, S., Blanco-Parra,  M.P., Adams, D.H., Pérez-Jiménez, J.C., & Castillo-Géniz, J.L. (2021): Mitochondrial DNA genome evidence for the existence of a third divergent lineage in the western Atlantic Ocean for the bull shark (Carcharhinus leucas).
  • Levin, B., Simonov, E., Franchini, P., Mugue, N., Golubtsov, A. & Meyer, A. (2021): Rapid adaptive radiation in a hillstream cyprinid fish in the East African White Nile River basin.
  • Liao, T.-Y., Lu, P.-L., Yu, Y.-H., Huang, W.-C., Shiao, J.-C., Lin, H.-D., Jhuang, W.C., Chou, T.-K. & Li, F. (2021): Amphidromous but endemic: Population connectivity of Rhinogobius gigas (Teleostei: Gobioidei).
  • Lima, S.M.Q., Berbel-Filho, W.M., Vilasboa, A., Lazoski, C., Assis Volpi, T., Lazzarotto, H., Russo, C.A.M., Tatarenkov, A., Avise, J.C. & Solé-Cava, A.M. (2021): Rio de Janeiro and other palaeodrainages evidenced by the genetic structure of an Atlantic Forest catfish.
  • Limbago, J., De La Cruz, J.S. & Caturao, R.D. (2021): Cytochrome b Gene Sequence Revealed Divergence Time and Marine-Freshwater Transition of Grey Mullets (Actinopterygii: Mugilidae).
    • Iamure, International Journal of Ecology and Conservation, 34: 18-35.
  • Lira, M.G.S., Berbel-Filho, W.M., Espírito-Santo, H.M.V., Tatarenkov, A., Avise, J.C., Leaniz, C.G., Consuegra, S. & Lima, S.M.Q. (2021): Filling the gaps: phylogeography of the self-fertilizing Kryptolebias species (Cyprinodontiformes: Rivulidae) along South American mangroves.
  • Loera-Padilla, F.J., Piñeros, V.J., Baldwin, C.C., Cox, C.E., Simoes, N., Ribeiro, E., Lasso-Alcalá, O.M. & Domínguez-Domínguez, O. (2021): Phylogeography, population connectivity and demographic history of the Stoplight parrotfish, Sparisoma viride (Teleostei: Labridae), in the Greater Caribbean.
  • Londoño-Burbano, A. & Reis, R.E. (2021): A combined molecular and morphological phylogeny of the Loricariinae (Siluriformes: Loricariidae), with emphasis on the Harttiini and Farlowellini.
  • Longo, G.C., Harms, J., Hyde, J.R., Craig, M.T., Ramón-Laca, A. & Nichols, K.M. (2021): Genome-wide markers reveal differentiation between and within the cryptic sister species, sunset and vermilion rockfish.
  • Lustosa-Costa, S.Y., Bogan, S., Queiroz, L.J., Montoya-Burgos, J.I., Paracampo, A., Maiztegui, T. & Cardoso, Y.P. (2021): Distribution extension of Hypostomus uruguayensis (Siluriformes: Loricariidae) in Argentina and first record for Bolivia. Molecular, morphology and biogeography data.

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  • MacGuigan, D.J., Hoagstrom, C.W., Domisch, S., Hulsey, C.D. &. Near, T.J. (2021): Integrative ichthyological species delimitation in the Greenthroat Darter complex (Percidae: Etheostomatinae).
  • Maes, S.M., Christiansen, H., Mark, F.C., Lucassen, M., Van de Putte, A., Volckaert,  F.A.M. & Flores, H. (2021): High gene flow in polar cod (Boreogadus saida) from West-Svalbard and the Eurasian Basin.
  • Magalhães, K.X., Silva, R.D.F., Sawakuchi, A.O., Gonçalves, A.P., Gomes, G.F.E., Muriel-Cunha, J., Sabaj, M.H. & Sousa, L.M. (2021): Phylogeography of Baryancistrus xanthellus (Siluriformes: Loricariidae), a rheophilic catfish endemic to the Xingu River basin in eastern Amazonia.
  • Mandagi, I.F., Kakioka, R., Montenegro, J., Kobayashi, H., Masengi, K.W.A., Inomata, N., Nagano, A.J., Toyoda, A., Ansai, S., Matsunami, M., Kimura, R., Kitano, J., Kusumi, J. & Yamahira, K. (2021): Species divergence and repeated ancient hybridization in a Sulawesian lake system.
  • Mao, T.-R., Liu, Y.-W., Meegaskumbura, M., Yang, J., Ellepola, G., Senevirathne,  G., Fu, C.-H., Gross, J.B. & Pie, M.R. (2021): Evolution in Sinocyclocheilus cavefish is marked by rate shifts, reversals, and origin of novel traits.
  • Markevich, G.N., Esin, E.V., Medvedev, D.A., Busarova, O.Y. & Tiunov, A.V. (2021): Trophic-based diversification in benthivorous charrs (Salvelinus) dwelling littoral zones of Northern lakes.
  • Martin, J. M. & Hilton, E. J. (2021): A taxonomic review of the family Trachipteridae (Acanthomorpha: Lampridiformes), with an emphasis on taxa distributed in the western Pacific Ocean.
  • Martínez-Brown, J.M., Navarro-Flores, J., García-Rodríguez, F.J., Ibarra-Castro, L., Vargas-Peralta, C.E., Del Río-Portilla, M.A. & Martínez-Moreno, R. (2021): Revision of the diagnostic characters of two morphologically similar snook species, Centropomus viridis and C. nigrescens (Carangiformes: Centropomidae).
  • Martynova, A.L. & Vasil’eva, E.D. (2021): Problems of Taxonomy and Diagnostics of Gudgeons of the Genus Gobio (Cyprinidae) from Ural, Siberia, Kazakhstan and the Amur River Basin.
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